Prime Mom Club Launches Series of Workshops

By Mommy Donna and Kib - July 30, 2018

Cooking is one of the activities that me and my son do together.  Before, he only helps me in stirring and cutting, now my son is now into cooking full meals.  I'm so glad that he loves to cook.  I can now rely on him whenever I feel sick and can't prepare meals for the two of us.  Sometimes he would even ask me what I want to eat and he'll prepare it wholeheartedly.

Now that my son is into serious cooking, I am more challenged to step up my dishes.  I have to learn new dishes to also keep my son's interest in cooking and interest in eating.  I also have to be innovative in putting ingredients together and to prettify the plate so that it will look appetizing.  

I am so glad that Mega Prime has come up with putting up Prime Mom Club to help mommies in managing their respective homes.

Prime Mom Club is a community that aims to support moms in being kitchen savvy by enabling them with tips and delicious recipes using Mega Prime's products.  Prime Mom Club had its pilot workshop for mommies last July 20, 2018 at Prime Hotel, Quezon City.  The workshop is all about equipping moms to level up their knowledge and skills in preparing delicious, nutritious, school-ready meals for their kids and the whole family.  The first Prime Mom Club Workshop included food preparation tips from a nutritionist, bento box workshop by Kat Maderazo of Bento by Kat, kitchen tips from Chef Nino Logarta, and cooking secrets by Marian Rivera.  Marian Rivera is the first-ever member of Prime Mom Club.

Check out the photos from the event:

My son also actively participated during the event.  He helped out Chef Nino Logarta in preparing the dishes and even asked Marian Rivera a question during the question and answer portion!

Kib helping Chef Nino Logarta during the event

With Ms. Marian Rivera

Mega  Prime boasts of premium canned products.  Each can contains carefully selected, high quality ingredients that are processed to preserve the authenticity of their taste and flavor.  Mega Prime is known for their sardines and canned tuna, but in 2016 they introduced canned fruits and vegetables in the market.  The canned fruits and vegetables are in easy-open cans, making it easy for moms.  Mega Prime's roster of canned fruits and vegetables include Whole Mushrooms, Pieces and Stems Mushrooms, Whole Kernel Corn, Cream Style Corn, Green Peas, Garbanzos, and canned fruits and canned sweet preserves.  

Some of the canned products of Mega Prime

Do you want to be part of Prime Mom Club?  Sign-up at and get the latest news and tips on preparing mouth-watering dishes for your family!  Get exclusive invites and a chance to receive special gift items and products of Mega Prime!  You may also see Marian Rivera in one of the events.

Be a Prime Mom!  Prepare the best dishes for your family!

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