Pancake House Pairs Its Classic Pan Chicken to Other Pancake House Favorites

By Mommy Donna and Kib - July 25, 2018

Pancake House is one of my favorite restaurants in the Philippines.  I like that it doesn't get too crowdy and their servings are huge.  I always order their Classic Pan Chicken because the size of their chicken is big and it doesn't have much oil when served.  I also like their tacos because it's affordable.

I got extra happy when I found out that my two favorites at Pancake House are now on one plate, weee!

Happiness overload!  My two favorite dishes at Pancake House are in one plate!

Pancake House has been industry for four decades now and they are serving tried and tested recipes which has captured the taste buds of Filipinos.  Their superb line-up of dishes made people to go back for more.  

Apart from their classic pancakes and waffles, Pancake House also offers Classic Pan Chicken because Filipinos love eating chicken.  The Classic Pan Chicken is one of the favorites that customers order at Pancake House.  

For a limited time offer, Pancake House will be offering Classic Pan Chicken Solo Plates!  For as low as Php185, Classic Pan Chicken will be paired with other signature dishes at Pancake House!  All of your favorite dishes at Pancake House are all on one plate!

In addition, customers can order Classic Pan Chicken Solo Plates at any time of the day.  And oh, all Classic Pan Chicken Solo Plates comes with one glass of iced tea.

Hurry!  Classic Pan Chicken Solo Plates are only available until August 31st!

To know more about the latest offers of Pancake House, you may follow their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.  You may also visit to know more about Pancake House.

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