Our Relaxing Experience at Balay Hilom Spa

By Mommy Donna and Kib - July 22, 2018

One of the activities that I love is getting a massage.  

Once a month I schedule a massage from my favorite massage therapist.  Massage is a way for me to relieve stress.  After getting a massage, I get a good sleep and my stiff muscles loosen up.  Massage is one thing that makes me happy, hihi.

I had an invite to try the services of Balay Hilom Spa in Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City.  Balay (Ilonggo word for house) Hilom (means heal) specializes in giving traditional Filipino massage to their clients.  It is truly a house of healing because after your session with them, you will feel relieved from sore muscles and everyday stress.  The ambience is sooooo inviting; it looks like a nipa hut and you can smell peppermint all over the place.  You can also hear the sound of a kulintang (traditional musical instrument from Mindanao) playing at the background to match with the overall theme of the place.  Balay Hilom Spa is a bit dark to relax your eyes from glaring lights.

Balay Hilom Spa from the outside

At first, they will welcome you with their house blend tea.  I bet it is a combination of local herbs because it tastes really good.  Ms. Ana, the receptionist, said that their house blend tea is one of the reasons why people go back at Balay Hilom.  We were also given slippers to use while we are having our treatment.  

The reception area

Hallway on the left going to the therapy rooms

Hallway on the right going to the therapy rooms

Waiting area for the clients

This miniature instrument is being struck by the receptionist to call the therapists

Tip jar, the left is for female therapist and the right is for male therapist

Some chairs that can you see at the entrance on your left

Display rack of woodworks by Filipino artists

The slippers they provide to the clients

After drinking the complimentary tea, our feet were soaked in warm water for few minutes.  Then, we were led to our massage room.

Balay Hilom's house blend tea

Our feet were soaked in warm water before we started our massage therapy

The massage room has curtain partitions, they can open it if you are in a group.

Inside the therapy room

We had their signature Hilot Balay Hilom.  

Kib felt a bit ticklish at first, but after a few minutes he fell asleep.  After the session he said that he felt relaxed although his back was a bit sore from the pressure applied to his stiff muscles.  I told him that it is normal and it will be gone after a day or two.  

Hilot Balay Hilom is different from the usual massage that I get.  The massage started from the back going down to the legs.  The technique is more of hagod (gentle massage strokes) with minimal application of pressure on certain parts of the body.  This technique is really relaxing because the massage is more on healing the whole body and not just to soften stiff muscles.  The hot towel that they also provided after the massage has a relaxing smell too!  We were given another cup of their signature house blend tea before we go home.

Indeed the whole experience was worth every penny!  I rarely go to a spa because I feel that the money that I paid is mostly for the amenities and not the experience itself.  In Balay Hilom Spa, apart from experiencing their traditional massages, they also use all-natural ingredients on all their treatment and these ingredients are truly Filipino.

Have a spa date with your loved one at Balay Hilom Spa!

Balay Hilom Spa is at FBR Arcade, Katipunan Avenue (C-5), Loyola Heights, Quezon City (across Ateneo de Manila University).  You may visit their Facebook page for the rates and packages they offer.  While they accept walk-ins, it is better to schedule an appointment with them especially during weekends.  Balay Hilom Spa is open Monday-Sunday from 2:00pm-11:00pm.

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