Kiddie Cuisine: A Cooking Show By The Kids and For The Kids

By Mommy Donna and Kib - July 12, 2018

If you're a friend of mine on Facebook and if you follow our Facebook and Instagram accounts, for sure you saw that I am shamelessly promoting my son's TV show, Kiddie Cuisine.  

Kiddie Cuisine is a cooking show designed for kids.  Kiddie Cuisine is NOT a cooking competition.  When I tell my friends that Kib is in a cooking show, they immediately think that the show is like the reality show Masterchef.  According to Sheila de Asis, Executive Producer of the show, Kiddie Cuisine aims to teach kids how to cook and to have fun at the same time.  "We allow them to commit mistakes because it really happens in real life, and that's part of the learning process.  When someone breaks an egg or spills something, we just laugh together and use that as a springboard to teach them how it should be properly done.  That way they learn faster and have fun at the same time," Sheila said.  

If you have watched the previous episodes, you saw that the kiddie chefs had their booboo moments caught on camera.  The kiddie chefs were allowed to be kids during the whole process of taping each episode, it showed their playfulness and curiosity on the dishes they prepared.

The cast of Kiddie Cuisine on its closing scene together with Ms. Rachel Peters (episode 3)

Kiddie Cuisine is led by Chef Dino Ferrari.  Chef Dino was the winner of Asian Food Channel's Next Celebrity Chef in 2011.  He has more than nine years of experience in cooking and owns Paris Delice, a cafe in Makati City.  Chef Dino is the good choice for this show because of his bubbly personality.  He is not just a great mentor but he also genuinely loves kids and is naturally funny.

Chef Dino goofing around with the kids during the photoshoot

Chef Dino making funny faces on this selfie with Kib

What is Kiddie Cuisine without kiddie chefs in the show, right?!

Five kiddie chefs were chosen to co-host together with Chef Dino in the show.  According to Sheila, the kids were chosen based on their attitude during the audition and not because of their cooking skills.  During the audition, the kids were asked to slice an onion.  The onion test determined the kids' composure on camera if they can still smile and talk after slicing an onion.

Parents are not allowed to watch during the auditions

Know the kiddie chefs!

Kiddie Chef Jadan is 11 years old who loves food and travelling.  He is homeschooled ever since and has been in several print and digital campaigns (SSS, Globe Telecom, Ligo Sardines, SM, PAGCOR, Mucosolvan, etc.).  He also loves to cook and to read.

Kiddie Chef Riley is 9 years old and has a Youtube channel where you can see him reviewing toys for girls and boys.  He loves Pokemon, Gachapon, Nerf, among others.  You might wonder he looks familiar; you have seen him in the ads of San Remo pasta, Quicklean, GreenBlooded, GetBlued, Worship Generation, and S&R.    

Kiddie Chef Amiley, 9 years old, is a great fan of My Little Pony, particularly Rainbow Dash.  She may be the smallest among the five kiddie chefs but she will impress you with her charm and wit.  She likes singing and dancing, and after she joined Kiddie Cuisine, she became more interested in cooking.

Kiddie Chef Audrey is 6 years old and the youngest among the five kiddie chefs.   She is homeschooled since birth.  She is a social butterfly bursting with energy whenever she meets new friends.  She loves fashion, art, dancing, and gymnastics.  

Kiddie Chef Alyzza, 9 years old, is an aspiring actress.  You can see her doing small roles in some of the shows at GMA and ABS-CBN.

Reviewing the script before the taping starts

Groupfie with Chef Dino's son, Inigo

You may wonder how the dishes were chosen on each episode.  Sheila said that the recipes were consulted with Chef Dino and Chef Ruben Ignacio (yes, the Singing Chef, he works at the background of Kiddie Cuisine as the head of kitchen team).  The recipes should be: 1) easy to prepare; 2) ingredients are accessible; and 3) it has to be nutritious (well at least, most of them are).

Here are some of the dishes that they have prepared in the show:

Kiddie Cuisine aired its pilot episode last June 18th at Colours.  There are nine more episodes to look forward to so I do hope that you will find time to watch till the last episode.  Expect more great recipes that they can do at home, more fun and booboos from the kiddie chefs, and more interesting food critics.

The whole cast and crew of Kiddie Cuisine

So, mommies and daddies and kiddies, make TV time a bonding time by watching Kiddie Cuisine!

Colours is available on Cignal, Cablelink TV and other local cable companies all over Philippines.  Kiddie Cuisine airs every Sunday at 10am with rerun at 3:30pm and 10:30pm.  You can also watch the rerun within the week (Monday--5:00am and 3:00pm, Tuesday--4:00am and 6:00pm, Wednesday--6:30am, Thursday--12:30am, 12:30pm and 5:30pm, Friday--4:00am and 5:30pm, Saturday--5:00pm and 11:30pm)

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