Kib's Latest CognitiveMAP Assessment Results at BrainFit

By Mommy Donna and Kib - July 17, 2018

Since Kib is homeschooled, I do not have means to assess if he is at par with kids his age and if his social skills are improving.  I am very much thankful at BrainFit because it gives me an idea on what areas I need to improve on to Kib.

Kib had his first CognitiveMAP assessment three years ago (please see post here).  I got an email from BraintFit again if I wanted Kib to have assessed again.  I said yes and scheduled an appointment with them last March 6, 2018.  The CognitiveMAP assessment lasted for almost two hours.

Curious about CognitiveMAP assessment?

CognitiveMAP is a proprietary process that BrainFit Studios worldwide use to measure the brain fitness level of the child prior to brain fitness enhancement.  Aside from allowing the BrainFit teachers to precisely identify areas for improvement, this analysis of cognitive skills also enables the teachers to help the child achieve success and peak performance.

Each child has a unique cognitive profile.  The uniqueness of the child's brain profile ascertains that the child is receiving the most optimal cognitive improvement programme to result in the best possible improvement.

Ideally, a new CognitiveMAP assessment should be done at every milestone of improvement as recommended by the child's brain fitness trainer at BrainFit.

Part of the CognitiveMAP assessment is that a parent should also answer a questionnaire to determine if the parent's expectations are aligned with the CognitiveMAP results.  It includes a list of skills and which skill a parent thinks his/her child needs to improve on.  

Here are the list of skills:

  • Attention/Focus
  • Over-activity/Impulsiveness
  • Gross motor skills/Balance
  • Fine motor skills/Handwriting
  • Listening/Following Instructions
  • Reading/Comprehension
  • Speech/Language Skills
  • Learning Speed/Ability
  • Academic Performance
  • Memory
  • Confidence/Motivation
  • Emotional regulation/Social skills

The results of Kib's CognitiveMAP assessment reflected his strengths, average skills, and weaknesses.  

Strengths (areas of the assessment which showed Excellent and High Average scores):

  • Fluid intelligence or Non-verbal IQ (essential for integrating information, grasping patterns, understanding relationships, applying logic/reasoning and problem-solving)
  • Visual memory (essential foundation for visual-based learning, spelling, visualization and attention/focus)
  • Visual spatial-relations (essential foundation for learning alphabets and numbers, grasping geometrical and Math concepts, and organization of space)
  • Eye control accuracy (essential foundation for accurate reading, eye scanning and attention/focus)
  • Working memory (essential ability not to only remember a sequence of verbal information, but also to manipulate the information, critical for Math performance and multi-step sequential problem-solving)

Average skills (Average scores):

  • Handwriting speed (reflection of sensory-motor processing speed and fluency)
  • Sensory-Motor: Balance (essential foundation for body posture, mental efficiency and attention/focus)
  • Fine motor regulation (essential ability to control finger fidgets and motor restlessness, allowing one to stay attentive and focused)
  • Visual reaction time (essential ability to process and respond to auditory information rapidly, critical for efficient learning and quick thinking)
  • Visual impulse control (essential ability to not overreact to visual information, critical for accurate processing of visual information, examination performance and social skills)
  • Overall attention ability (essential ability to focus, concentrate and not daydream, critical for learning and school performance)
  • Auditory attention (essential ability to focus on verbal information, critical for absorbing of verbal instruction)
  • Visual attention (essential ability to focus on visual information, critical for accurate visual processing)
  • Visual discrimination (essential foundation for reading, Math learning, handwriting, accurate work and attention/focus)
  • Visual form constancy (essential foundation for learning the alphabet, numbers, shapes, sizes, orientations and other spatial concepts in Math)
  • Eye control relative speed (essential foundation for reading and eye scanning speed)
  • Social skills (essential ability to behave and interact positively in social situations, critical for positive emotional functioning)
  • Crystalized intelligence or Verbal IQ (essential for acquisition of word knowledge and general information, understanding of verbal concepts and reasoning ability)
  • Number fluency (essential ability to rapidly process information and important foundation for reading, comprehension and recall of Math facts)
  • Number memory (essential ability to remember a simple sequence of numerical verbal information, critical for recall, attention/focus and Math learning)
  • Word memory (essential ability to remember a simple sequence of non-related non-verbal information, critical for recall, memorization of facts and attention/focus)
  • Sentence memory (essential ability to remember sentences, critical for the ability to follow directions, effortless comprehension and fluent writing)

Weaknesses (Poor and low average scores):

  • Overall impulse control (essential ability to give careful thought before acting, critical for examination performance and social skills)
  • Auditory impulse control (essential ability to not overreact to verbal information, critical for accurate processing of verbal information, examination performance and social skills)

I reviewed Kib's previous CognitiveMAP assessment and I would say that he improved especially in his motor skills.  BrainFit recommends that he should be more involved in doing physical activities to further develop his motor coordination.  He also still needs to work on his impulsivity.

I highly recommend that you let your child undergo CognitiveMAP assessment at BrainFit.  It will help you understand on what areas of your child's development you need to put more focus on.  The teachers at BrainFit are also highly skilled so you can entrust your child to them.

To know more about BrainFit, you may visit their website at  You may check their Facebook page for updates.  You can also email them at or call 668-2719, 725-8500, or 0917-5991992 for appointment and other inquiries.

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