Celebrate Your Birthday at Your Favorite Restaurant!

By Mommy Donna and Kib - July 31, 2018

July is our favorite month, and you know why:  IT'S OUR BIRTHDAY MONTH!

Kib and I like doing something new during our birthday month and one of the activities that we do is....to eat!  We like eating something special during our birthdays and it's a bonus if the crews at the restaurant will sing a Happy Birthday Song and give us a special treat.  It's really fun to celebrate birthdays while being surrounded by strangers and everyone greets you on your special day!

I remembered celebrating our birthday at Movie Stars Cafe years ago and we were given a small piece of cupcake with a candle on it while everyone is singing Happy Birthday.  My son felt so special during that day!

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I'm so glad to know that more and more establishments are giving special treats to birthday celebrants should they chose to celebrate the occasion at their place.  I've compiled a list of establishments which give birthday treats to their customers, thanks to the help of friends who helped me build my list!  
  • Starbucks -- if you have a registered Starbucks card, you are entitled to a free slice of a cake of your choice for your birthday!  You have 60 days after your birthday to get your free cake.  For you to get your free slice of cake, you have to order any handcrafted beverage.

  • Vikings -- if you go at any Vikings buffet restaurant on the exact day of your birthday, your meal is free provided that you are with one paying adult.  However, you can still avail of the birthday promo during the month of your birthday if you are accompanied by four paying adults.  Just present an ID bearing your birth date.

  • Ippudo -- eat at Ippudo restaurant during your birthday month together with your four (4) friends and you can have a bowl of ramen for free!  Just present an ID bearing your birthday when you visit any Ippudo branches.  There is no limit on availing your birthday ramen as long as it is within your birthday month.
At Ippudo.  Too bad we're only two, we weren't able to avail of the birthday promo

  • Ramen Nagi -- avail of your birthday ramen as long as you are accompanied by one paying adult.  Order one Butao King and you will have another bowl of Butao King for free!  Just show your ID showing your birthday month.  Unlike in Ippudo, you can only avail of this birthday promo only once during your birthday month.
Happy to know that Ramen Nagi has a birthday promo, it is one of our favorite restaurants!

  • Petron -- yes, not only food establishments offer perks on your birthday!  If you are a Petron Value Card holder and your card is registered, Petron will give you additional points on your card when you gas up 30 days from your birthday.  A text message will be sent to you as proof that the additional points were credited to your card.  This special bonus points can only be availed once.

  • Kidzania --  kids holding a PaZzport is entitled to a discount when they visit Kidzania during their birthday month provided that he/she is accompanied by two paying companions.  The discount gets higher and higher depending on the level of citizenship of the PaZzport holder and the frequency of visit during the birthday month.  

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  • The Alley by Vikings -- located at UP Town Center, same with its mother company, The Alley also offers free buffet to the birthday celebrant if he/she eats there on his/her exact birthday, provided that he/she is accompanied by one paying guest.  Don't worry, your plate can still be free if you are accompanied by four paying guests should you were not able to eat there on your exact birthday.

  • Yabu --  birthday celebrant can get one free katsu on his/her birthday month provided that he/she will be accompanied by at least three paying guests who will order full katsu meals each. The birthday promo can be availed repeatedly during the birthday month, just show an ID with birthday on it.

  • Sambokojin -- Dine three days before or three days after your birthday with one paying guest and your meal is free!  Present your ID showing your birthday before ordering.
We love the wide variety of dishes at Sambokojin!

  • Shakey's -- if you're a SuperCard holder, you're entitled to one large thin crust pepperoni pizza on your birthday month.  What makes this better is that you can get your birthday pizza AND avail of the other perks of SuperCard together!  Either you get 10% discount on your dine-in purchase or get buy one, take one on your take-out or delivery pizza.  
So happy that I was able to get my free birthday pizza and avail of the buy one, take one pizza at the same time!

  • Manila Ocean Park -- Avail of Sea Breeze (Php760 per person) or Marine Voyages (Php995 per person) with three paying guests and your ticket is free!  Just go to Manila Ocean Park on your birthday month and show an ID with your birthday month to avail of the promo.
Kib was so enamored to be kissed by a sea lion!

  • Four Seasons Hotpot -- birthday celebrant can get his/her meal for free if he/she visits Four Seasons Hotpot with one paying guest on the day of his/her birthday.  Otherwise, he/she can still avail of the birthday promo within his/her birthday month if he/she will be dining with three paying adults.  Just present an ID bearing your birthday to be eligible for the promo.

  • Churreria La Lola -- get free Classicos Jr. three days before or 3 days after your birthday when you spend at least P120 to avail of the birthday promo.  Show a proof of your birth date (e.g. valid ID) upon ordering.

  • Hi-Rice Grill -- located at Marcos Highway in Pasig City, birthday celebrant can avail of the promo during his/her birthday month provided that he/she is with one paying guest.  

  • Other establishments such as TGI Fridays, Flaming Wings, Mamou, Gloria Maris, Torch, Chili's, Itallanis, and Amici will give the birthday celebrant a special treat (small cake, ice cream, etc.) and the whole crew will sing a Happy Birthday song.   No need to show proof of birthday, they will just happily give their treat to you.

Birthday promos may change yearly, so better to check it out if there are changes on the promo.  

If you still know of any other establishments that offer something special to the birthday celebrant, let me know so I can add it up on the list.

Enjoy birthday celebration with your loved one!  Memories built during celebrations are worth every centavo :) 

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