Balik-Alindog at Curves Magnolia!

By Mommy Donna and Kib - July 02, 2018

As you know, early this year, I made a promise to myself that I will take care of myself more and go back into fitness, and I'm happy to tell you that I somehow achieved my goals  (see my blog about it HERE).

The easiest way to stay fit is to do exercises at home; however, some people are more motivated to go on the healthy route when they are surrounded with people who will serve as his/her encouragers because they all have the same objective.  This is the reason why fitness centers were created, to build a community for people who are doing something to improve their health.

There are different types of fitness centers, depending on their services and what kind of fitness program they can offer to the members.  Some fitness centers focus on strength building, some for endurance, some specialize on organizing group classes, among others.  I also have tried going to fitness centers in the past, I enjoyed exercising together with others who have the same fitness goals too.

However, there is a fitness center that caters to females only.  This is Curves, the world's number 1 fitness gym for women.  Apart from being a fitness gym for women, it only takes 30 minutes of workout when you visit Curves.  Every time you visit Curves, there is a coach who will encourage you and teach you the correct form in using the machines.

The machines at Curves are not the usual gym equipment that we use.  It is designed for women of all ages--yes, even seniors can use the machines without hurting themselves!  

In the Philippines, there are five Curves fitness gyms in Luzon.  The branch that I visited last February was Curves Magnolia.

Curves Magnolia turned a year old last February and invited bloggers for a morning of fun fitness event.  Curves Magnolia is spacious, with lounge, lockers, and shower area for members.  Curves Magnolia thought of mommies who need to bring along their kids with them that is why there is a small space allocated for the kids to wait for their mommies to finish their workout.

Check out the photos I took at Curves Magnolia:

Now, are you ready for my birthday giveaway?  I am giving three (3) people a one-month free membership at Curves Magnolia!  It is to encourage you to start with your balik-alindog journey.  Just follow the steps to gain entry, the more steps you follow, the higher chances of winning!

It's easy to join!

1.  Tag three (3) of your friends on my Facebook post about Curves Magnolia and encourage them to also join the contest.

2.  Like my Facebook post about Curves Magnolia.

3.  Leave a comment on my blog about Curves Magnolia and leave your full name, email address, and Instagram handle (note: make sure your Facebook name and real name are the same to avoid confusion, but if you use another name on Facebook, comment your Facebook name instead).  Write down why you want to win a Curves Magnolia one month-trial gift certificate.

4.  Follow me on Instagram (

Very simple instructions, right?!  All those who will follow the four steps will be qualified for the raffle.  The contest will end on July 15 and will announce winners on July 20th.

It's not yet too late to go into healthy lifestyle!  All you need to have is sheer determination and right mindset.  Good luck!

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  1. Love your post, Mommy Donna! And Curves Manila sounds like fun. Haven't had the experience yet of working out in a gym (decades ago, though, I attended a few aerobics classes at Aerobics R Fun). Anyway, I thought it'd be a lot of fun to experience that fitness gym vibe, while of course getting fit & healthy. Curves Manila seems like a friendly place. 'Hoping to have a blast there (just like you) should my name be chosen in your birthday giveaway raffle. Advanced birthday greetings, my friend!