Simple Joys for My Little Boy

By Mommy Donna and Kib - June 23, 2018

There is no doubt about it, every mom wants to give the best for her children. Mothers will do anything for their children to make them happy, to the point of going beyond the limits to show their love.
We all know that children can be happy about the smallest and simplest of things, like balloons, sweets, and a small toy. To be happy doesn't mean to give the most expensive things in life. To be happy means to be appreciative and grateful for everything that is given to us. To be happy means finding satisfaction and not being envious of what others have. Happiness should not be based on material things, but should be anchored in love and contentment. Happiness is one value that each mom should teach her children.
We can actually teach our children to be appreciative even in the smallest things in life and to be happy with whatever he/she has. Here are some ways to teach your children the simple joys in life:
1. Tell your child to share things with other kids. Children are egocentric by nature. It is understandable that it is very difficult for them to share toys at first, thinking that their toy will not be returned to them. By teaching them how to share, children will understand the concept of giving something without expecting anything in return and he/she will make others happy as a result.
I always remind my child to share things with his friends and to donate his stuff on a regular basis. I will always tell him that by sharing, people around him will continue to share. The circle of sharing will continue.
2. Not all trips to toy stores mean buying a new toy. Whenever I tell my son that we do not have enough money to buy him a new toy, he understands and doesn't feel bad about it. He would just request that we go to a toy store and he would be happy to just look around. I would give him 15 to 20 minutes of window shopping time and when I tell him it's time to go home, he won't ask for any extensions. Teach your child that he/she cannot have everything he/she wants all the time. This teaches patience.
3. Buy the things your child needs more than what he/she wants. I usually buy my son food, clothes, shoes, and books as a reward. I rarely buy him toys because I want to teach him that he needs the above-mentioned things more than toys. If ever, I just buy him inexpensive toys and he's happy about it. This teaches your child to discern what is the most important thing in life than just buying things that will only give him/her temporary happiness.
4. Create opportunities to do volunteer work. Exposing your child to volunteer work will also help your child develop compassion to people around him/her. Allowing your child to do volunteer work will also help him/her in providing service to others without asking for anything in return, and just by volunteering, he/she will be able to make others happy. My son is a volunteer in our church, assisting young kids as they learn about God.
5. Expose your children to outdoor play more than gadgets. It is a sad sight to see children play alone with their gadgets more than playing with other kids. Do not restrict your child from playing with other kids in the neighborhood. It develops the value of sharing, cooperation, and fair play apart from developing good health from running and biking around.
Play is also essential in developing the child's brain. My son has regular play time in the afternoon with neighborhood kids. There are times that I ban him from using his gadgets so he will find time to read his books and play with his toys.
It is important to teach our children to be happy and content with whatever they have. We should teach our children the values that we want them to have, so that when they grow old they will continue to practice it.
This is what I like about Kinder Joy, one of the leading brands in providing simple joys to our children.
Kinder Joy comes in two packaging: one for the girls and one for the boys

I wonder what surprise is waiting for my son....
Kinder Joy is in an egg-shaped pack, consisting of a small toy on one side and two crispy wafer balls dipped in milky and cocoa cream on the other side. Mommies do not need to worry about the sweetness level of the wafer balls because it is not too sweet to the taste.
Kinder Joy is ideal for kids ages 3 and up because of the small parts inside. What makes Kinder Joy unique is that it gives a child an element of surprise whenever they open a pack of Kinder Joy. It offers different surprises for kids.
Whenever I buy a Kinder Joy for my son, he cannot wait to open it because he is excited to see what is inside the pack. Once he opens the pack, he will share one wafer ball with me. I feel flattered when my son shares and lets me play with the toy inside. We would work together to assemble the toy and enjoy it once it's ready to play.
My son can't wait to see what's inside the Kinder Joy eggs
Happiness doesn't need to be expensive, and Kinder Joy proves that to mommies like me. Even if my son is already 11 years old, he still looks forward to opening a pack of Kinder Joy and enjoys the goodies inside. I have also seen other kids asking their mommies to buy them a 'surprise egg' and the joy on their faces as soon as they start opening the Kinder Joy egg is irreplaceable.
Kinder Joy is readily available in supermarkets, convenience stores, and other retailers nationwide.
Do share with me your Kinder Joy moments with your child!

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