Professional Laundry and Cleaning Services By Electrolux and AVET AG

By Mommy Donna and Kib - June 06, 2018

I guess you wonder why the linens and towels that we use in hotels, resorts, hospitals, etc. smell good and look crispy; it's because these establishments use professional laundry services.  They use machines that are heavy duty and can accommodate huge amount of laundry.  They also use cleaning agents that can surely kill and eliminate bacteria, fungi, and viruses.  I just recently learned that the temperature of the water should also be taken into consideration when we do the laundry so that the unwanted dirt and microorganisms will be removed from the fabric to ensure us of fresh and clean environment in the hospitality and health industries.  

However, one of the things that is not taken into consideration when maintaining a clean environment is the mop or rag that we use to clean floors and other surfaces.  We do not think that we can pass the dirt and unwanted microorganisms from one place to another.  When I realized this, it made me rethink my cleaning habits at home.

Having a clean environment is crucial in companies especially in hospitality, health, manufacturing, and tourism sectors.  We can easily pass an illness because of poor cleaning habits.  That is why it is a challenge for these industries to improve their maintenance works.

ELS Clean Tech Concept Corporation (ELS-CTCC), a local company based in Cainta, Rizal, is offering a cleaning system for industries to ensure a clean and healthy environment for everybody.  ELS-CTCC  is a product of two leading multinational companies in the cleaning industry--Electrolux, the forefront in advance and professional laundry cleaning and AVET AG, manufacturer of high-end microfiber mops infused with chemicals.  ELS-CTCC has thought of leasing a cleaning system to companies in the Philippines to ensure high standards of hygiene and sanitation.

The mop-cleaning system offered by ELS-CTCC ensures their clients that there will be no switching of mops from one company to another as each mop is equipped with RFID tags.  The washing system will not activate should there be a mix of a mop from another section of the building in the washing machine.  Each mop has a life cycle of 750 washes and can accumulate a maximum of 3 kilos of dirt before it can be washed.  Ideally, one mop can clean a floor area of 80sqm.

microfiber mop of Avet
The Avet microfiber mop comes in two variants:  the white one for the rough surface and the blue one for the smooth surface.  Each mop can accumulate around 3 kilos of dirt before they can be stowed away for washing.

Each mop will have RFID tags and color-coded so that it will not be used in other areas of the building.  The RFID tags can withstand heat up to 200 degrees Celsius

Each mop has a handle for easy removal

Avet mop system used by a custodian

Electrolux professional washing machines

Electrolux dryers

Each professional washing machine is hooked to special laundry cleaning agents to ensure removal of unwanted dirt and kill microorganisms

The Electrolux professional washing machine is programmable for easy laundry management

Mr. Joey Ermita of ELS CTCC explains the benefits of using the Avet mop system to the media during its grand opening last June 1st, 2018

It is recommended that companies should maintain a well-sanitized environment to prevent spreading of airborne diseases to people, especially those companies which maintains an ISO rating. 

Companies and corporations should consider this mop cleaning system in their offices and buildings and do not hesitate to seek an appointment for demonstration.

To know more about ELS Clean Tech Concept Corporation, you may visit their website at or visit their Facebook page.  ELS CTCC warehouse and showroom is located at 101 Buenmar Avenue, Phase 5 Greenland Village, Cainta, Rizal.

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