Kid Commercial Modelling Tips

By Mommy Donna and Kib - June 27, 2018

Most of you know that my son is in the limelight (see my post here).  He had plenty of projects when he was 6-7 years old and after that he only have a project at least once a year.  Kiddie Cuisine, the cooking show designed for kids aired at Colours (available on Cignal and Cablelink), is his biggest project so far.

I know for sure most mommies would like to see their kids on movies, television, digital ads, print ads, etc. but please do note that not everyone will be given a chance to showcase their kid's talents.  

BUT....there's no harm on trying, right?!

Should you like your kid to try to be in the spotlight, you can prepare your child by doing these eleven tips: 

  • Make sure your kid loves to be in front of the camera before going to casting calls. It is very important that your kid likes to undergo auditions and to do what he/she is asked to do in front of the camera.  If your kid is shy, don't force him/her to undergo auditions.  Just respect that your child is not into such kind of exposure.
  • Go to a legit talent agency to have your child's profile.  Talent agencies will contact you should there be casting calls.  A child cannot get a project without an agency.  Normally, agencies get 30% commission from the child's talent fee. Take note: profiling on talent agencies are FREE.  If a certain talent agency asks you for a registration fee, walk away.  That agency will not give the best exposure and projects to your child.
My son's profile at his previous talent agency

  • Practice looking straight at the camera.  It is very crucial that your child can look straight at the camera.  It is a bit difficult to maintain eye contact so make sure your children won't blink or look somewhere else while in front of the camera.
  • Practice smiling with eyes wide open.  You may notice that there are no chinky-eyed people on commercials, because when these people smile, their eyes 'disappear'.  Smile with your eyes open, no squinting.  Your eyes should also radiate happiness when you smile with your eyes open.
Have a signature smile

  • Wear light-colored casual clothes with minimal print.  Dress simply.  No need for formal attire during auditions, not unless specified on the casting brief.  Wearing light-colored tops will make the child's facial features and skin tone pop on the camera.  Striped shirts and blouses tend to "dance" on camera.  
Invest on light-colored tops

  • No make-up for girls. Girls should look like kids whenever they audition for TV commercials.  Do not even put a lipstick because the caster will just ask the parent or guardian to remove it.  Hairstyle should be simple: either a ponytail, headband, hairclips, or no style at all.
  • Read casting call requirements carefully.  Don't waste your time going to all audition schedules your agency sent you via SMS or email or Facebook Messenger.  If you think your child fits the bill, then find time to go to the auditions.  Don't go if the casting requires fair-skinned people and your child has brown skin.  Don't go if the casting requires English-speaking skills when your child is more fluent in Filipino. 
  • Enrolling in acting workshops is optional.  Basic acting skills like happy, sad, angry, surprised, etc. can already be practiced at home, but if you want your child to do better like heavy drama acting or dancing, then enrol him/her at a reputable workshop.  I say reputable because there are lots of acting and dancing workshops out there but do not really give the best lessons to your children and not even give the right exposure for them to showcase what they have learned from the workshop.
  • Take care of your child's teeth. Bawal bungi.  Some parents invest on putting temporary tooth caps on their child to make an impression that their child has complete set of teeth.  My son wore caps too.
Kib was wearing dentures on this short film

  • Rejections are normal.  Don't feel bad that your child didn't even make it to the final casting stage.  The right project will come on its right timing.  My child doesn't look like a typical Filipino that is why he is selected for few projects only.  A lot say he looks good on the camera but then again, he has foreign looks.
  • Don't forget to reward your child for a job well done.  Treat your child to his/her favorite restaurant or buy him/her a small toy.  Your child deserves that!

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