Carsoncrest International School is Now Open For SY 2018-2019

By Mommy Donna and Kib - June 20, 2018

Parents are always in the search for the best school that can give the best educational experience to their children.  With all the schools around us, it is very difficult to choose the right school for our children.  Each school has its own special characteristics and educational philosophies.  We must align our educational philosophies in choosing the right school for our children.  Parents must really put an effort in looking for a school for their children because our child's future lies on the kind of learnings he/she will acquire from school.

Recently, I was invited to the opening of the newest preschool in Makati, Carsoncrest International School.  It is located in Kamagong St., Brgy. San Antonio, Makati City.  It is an innovative preschool as it will use the International Preschool Curriculum in teaching children 2-5 year olds.  

What makes Carsoncrest International School unique among other preschools?

  • It uses an open-concept classrooms to encourage student socialization
  • Has small class groups for close supervision and intimate interaction (maximum of 12 students per class)
  • Employs IPC-trained teachers to deliver its curricula
  • Has a wide library collection to nurture the love for reading
  • Has a well-equipped play area to let children's imaginations run free
  • Is air-conditioned for the comfort and safety of students and employees
  • Has a professional staff to assist in your every need
  • Has a tie-up with a hospital for medical assistance or emergencies
  • Provides accident insurance coverage in and out of the school for each student
  • Employs CCTV cameras that can be accessed via mobile phones

Carsoncrest International School is a promising school for our children.  The president, Mr. Sonny del Rosario, envisions it to become an integrated school with levels all the way up to senior high school.  

I mentioned above that Carsoncrest International School uses International Preschool Curriculum.  It is a rigorously researched and peer-reviewed program designed by Clarenter Education, U.S.  It consists of 56 thematic units encompassing six trans-disciplinary content learning areas:

  • Language Arts
  • Socio-Emotional Skills
  • Numeracy
  • Creative and Visual Arts
  • Sciences
  • Fine and Gross Motor Skills

International Preschool Curriculum aims to raise a global and holistic child.  With this, IPC gives special focus on internationalism, multilingualism, and diversity.  In order to achieve that, the IPC will base its lessons through:

  • Objective-based--has clearly defined objectives designed to facilitate assessment and highlight areas of student progress or concern
  • Inquiry-based--limited aspects of inquiry based education designed to spark and maintain interest levels
  • Play-based--by making learning fun, children are exposed to a learning environment that is second nature
  • Developmentally-appropriate--the IPC believes that all children develop at varying paces not necessarily defined by age
  • Family involvement--the IPC believes that families should be at the center of their child's education
Start building the foundation of your child's future at Carsoncrest International School!

To know more about Carsoncrest International School, you may visit their website at  You can also contact them via email at or via landline (02-9032602) or mobile (0915-3317392).  Carsoncrest International School is at G/F 9707 Kamagong St., San Antonio, Makati City.

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