When Safety Is At Risk...Talk to A Therapist

By Mommy Donna and Kib - May 21, 2018


Yes, no one is exempted from being in danger.  Even the most powerful people in the world are also in threat of being in danger.  Religious leaders, government officials, royalties, among others are facing being in danger every time they go out in public.  So to ensure their safety, they follow and adopt security measures to prevent danger from happening.  

Lucky for them, they have the influence and power to be surrounded by people who can protect them and prevent danger from happening.  But for ordinary people like us, who can protect us?

I have heard from my friends on Facebook that once in their life their lives were at risk.  I felt how scared they were and how that incident haunted them for days, weeks, months.  Sometimes there is a tendency that we cannot understand how people reacted during the danger because we haven't experienced it yet, but once we experienced the same danger, then we start to fully understand their paranoia and anxiety.

Recently, our safety was compromised.  I know for myself and the people around me know that I'm a person who doesn't get easily shaken by fear and faces problems with courage, but this time I really broke down.  I suddenly felt that the incident can cost our lives if we were not careful.  I know that the Lord still protected us when that incident happened but whenever the incident crosses my mind, the anxiety level goes up and the frustration goes up too.

People have mixed emotions about the incident that happened in our lives.  Some empathized because they also experienced the same, some have given advice that I don't actually need, and some just totally ignored as if I'm just overreacting.  

It really hurts big time when people don't acknowledge nor understand what you're feeling about the incident, but then it also gives a confirmation as to who you can rely on to, those people who are just willing to listen and not to add up on the emotions that you are feeling about the situation.  There are instances that advices don't help; a simple prayer is enough for you to let the person feel that you care.

Sometimes, it is better to talk with a professional when you are feeling down, because these people won't judge you when you feel negatively towards your current situation.  Talking to either a psychologist or a therapist will help you process your feelings and sort out the best options for you.  There is nothing wrong if you talk to them because these people know better than anyone else in helping you decide on which path to take.  Talking with a professional will help you change your perspective in life. 

However, there are instances that we get confused on which person to talk to, if we will talk with a psychologist or a therapist.  You may want to read more about the differences of these two HERE.

May everyone who reads my blog be covered by Jesus' blood and may His guardian angels protect you always, whether you're in and out of your house.

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