Watsons Pays Tribute to Moms This Mother's Day

By Mommy Donna and Kib - May 02, 2018

Mother's Day is one occasion that is valuable to everyone.  This is one special day that we dedicate to our mothers for their hard work and unconditional love to us.  This is the day that we give our mothers a break and treat them like a queen.  Mother's Day celebration is the day we show our gratitude to our moms.

This month, we will once again celebrate Mother's Day.  It'll be on the second Sunday of the month.  Different establishments have something special for mothers on this day, and Watsons, one of the leading pharmacies in the Philippines, has something for our mothers too!  Watch this video:

On this video, we can see how unaware most moms are about how their children see them--brave, selfless, caring, and responsible.  

True enough, moms are often hard on themselves, completely unaware that to their children, husbands and loved ones, they are perfect.  A mother may describe the perfect woman as loving and caring, when in fact, that is she.

A mother's love is selfless and her job never ends but she also deserves a break.  Moms need to pamper themselves and be pampered.  Happy mothers who look good and feel great in turn make their loved ones feel great, too!

This coming Mother's Day, make your mom feel like the perfect woman who looks good and feels great always.  You may try any of these ideas:

  • Give your mom a homemade gift cared for a foot and hand massage, redeemable forever.
  • Create a special basket for mom filled with beauty and wellness goodies such as face masks, massage oil, a bottle of multivitamins, nail polish, and anything that you think your mother will enjoy.
  • Give your mom gift cards from her favorite store.  You can purchase gift cards at Watsons if your mom loves to buy beauty products.  If your mom loves fashion, you can buy gift cards at SM.
  • Write a letter or poem telling her that she is the best mom in the world.  Highlight her characteristics which makes her a perfect mom.
  • Serve your mom breakfast in bed.  If you can't cook, slice some fruits and serve it with toast and butter with nice plating.
  • Date your mom!  Take her out for dinner and movie.  Bring her to her favorite restaurant and let her choose which movie to watch.

There are other ways to surprise your mom this coming Mother's Day!  Make her feel special and show your appreciation for all the things she is doing for your family.

To all the mothers there, advance Happy Mother's Day!  Always feel good and look great because you're amazing.

Happy Mother's Day!  Love, Mommy Donna and Kib

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