Unleash The Triathlete In You By Joining Tri-Factor Series This May!

By Mommy Donna and Kib - May 07, 2018

Engaging in sports is a good way to keep yourself healthy and fit.  There are different sports that we can engage into like running, biking,and swimming.  Some people engage not only in one sport but in several sports.  People who are sportsman by heart are never afraid to try new sport to challenge themselves and defy limitations.

I have been to different sports in my younger years.  I have tried running, mountain climbing, badminton, volleyball, wall climbing, and swimming.  I also go to gym for my regular fitness routine.  I also have thought of trying dragonboat rowing too but I am too lazy to wake up so early in the morning for training, haha.  When I became a mom, I put aside my passion for sports for the meantime but my desire to engage my son to sports is always there.  I want to raise a child who is conscious about his health.

My son tried sikaran (Filipino martial arts), swimming, running, and mountain climbing.  As he is nearing his teens, I want my son to try more sports and not to be afraid to take risks in doing so.  

Last April 25th, I was invited to a post-media event of Tri-Factor Series-Asian Championship and was given a glimpse on how virtual cycling works.  Virtual cycling is different from spinning classes. Virtual cycling is a training for cycling as it uses actual bicycles hooked to a computer.  The cyclist can feel the tension as the virtual course goes up the mountain or going down the slope. 

My son and I tried virtual cycling and we had fun!

You can also try virtual cycling at Maximus Cycling Studio inside SPARTA compound in Pioneer St., Mandaluyong.  Make sure you're dressed up properly (drifit shirt, shorts, towel) when you want to do virtual cycling.

Apart from the virtual cycling experience, we were also briefed on the upcoming Tri-Factor Series-Asian Championship which will be held on May 25-27 at Camarines Norte.  Tri-Factor Series is a triathlon event, but what makes this different from other triathlons is that it is open for beginners, even kids!  "This race series have categories for all capabilities and ages, starting from the kids triathlon all the way up to the long distance triathlon," Elvin Ting, founder of Tri-Factor and managing director of the organizing team Orange Room Pte. Ltd.

For the Philippine leg, there will only be 300 slots for the sprint event, 200 slots for the freshmen category, and 500 slots each for other categories.  Check out the picture below for the different race categories, fees, and age requirement:

The event is also open to non-Filipinos.

Miss Earth 2016 Michelle Gomez will join the event and is currently training under coach Andy Leuterio.  Michelle is a perfect embodiment that triathlon is not an intimidating sport, a sport only for the hard-core sports enthusiasts, but also for beginners like Michelle.  To introduce triathlon to children, Tri-Factor has a category for children too!  This event can be joined by the whole family as each category has a specific day for competition.  

The team behind Tri-Factor is encouraging everyone to try triathlon.  They want to introduce the sport to the Filipinos as something that is not intimidating overwhelming.  They wanted to introduce triathlon to young kids that is why they included a kids' category in this event.  When my son found out that triathlon is not only for adults, he got interested in learning how to ride a bike and he got more determined to get fit!

To encourage you to get into triathlon, here are the health benefits that you can get:

1.  Triathlon is a whole-body workout.  Running and cycling can only develop your leg muscles, but if you put swimming in the picture, it's a total body workout.  It helps you tone your whole body without worrying that your lower extremities would look bulky and your upper body looks skinny or vise-versa.  

2.  Enjoy healthy eating.  You need fuel in doing triathlon, so putting in more carbs in your diet is really a must.  There is no guilt feeling that you have eaten so much because in triathlon, you needed a lot of energy to burn.  But of course, you still have to eat healthy food while training for triathlon.

3.  Stronger muscles and bones.  Your body will get used to doing extreme sports, therefore your body will also adapt.  Since you will be doing three sports, there is a small risk that you will incur injury because triathlon balances the focus area in your body.  It doesn't strain one body part.

4.  You feel young.  Look at all those people who are into sports, they all look and feel young!  You can still do the things that young people can do, so better start engaging yourself in some physical activities to shed 10 years off on your body.

5.  Improved confidence.  Competing in triathlons will boost your confidence, that you can do things beyond what you can bear.  In triathlon, it's already an accomplishment if you finished the course, no time pressure at all, an accomplishment that you can brag to your friends and family.

You still have time to prepare for this triathlon event!  To know more about Tri-Factor Series this coming May 25-27, 2018,  you may visit www.trifactor.ph.  

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