Sexy and Pretty at 40

By Mommy Donna and Kib - May 01, 2018

As promised, here's my story about my balik-alindog for 2018, ahihi...

I had been to this journey in 2015 and I'm happy to say that I was able to achieve my goals and maintain my weight.  

Fast forward to 2017, when I turned 40 I noticed that my metabolism got slower.  I easily get tired when I do physical activities.  In addition, I also got into a lot of stress towards the end of the year.  Even if I joined fun runs towards the end of the year, it seems that my enthusiasm on getting fit hasn't kicked in at that time.  I only joined just for the experience. 

With all of the changes in metabolism and stress, I have forgotten about taking care of myself.  I gained weight and while I still dress up and put make-up on, it's noticeable that I'm not confident and insecure about myself.

Friends have noticed that something is not right within me so they reminded me to take care of myself because if I don't, I cannot expect others to love me the way I expected to be loved.  

As 2018 started, I made a promise to myself that this year will be my redemption year.  I started exercising again, thanks to friends who generously gave me tips and continuously encourages me to continue and to push harder.  I also opened myself to new learnings and possibilities, and I truly thank God for sustaining me and my son's needs.  I started to eat healthily: less carbs, less sugar and more water.

My last photo for 2017
At Ngong Ping.  I climbed the stairs going to the top

I also encouraged my son to take the healthy route

One of the things that also helped me in detoxifying my body is taking this healthy drink:  Flush Out.  Flush Out is a prebiotics and probiotics supplement from Japan that cleanses your digestive system.  It also eliminates bloatedness.  You can feel that your tummy is clean of toxins whenever you take one sachet of Flush Out.  This drink somehow helped me to have a flat stomach.  I can easily move around with a clean digestive system, thanks to Flush Out.  The box comes in 10 sachets but you can already feel the effect even after taking one sachet.  You can purchase this at Lucky Cow Shop for only Php750 per box.  It also offers free shipping nationwide.

To help me burn calories and to tone my body, I did exercise daily for 10 minutes via HIIT (high intensity interval training).  There are lots of HIIT training workouts on YouTube but I regularly follow Emi Wong.  I also loved her weight management story, from being unhealthy party girl to bulimic to healthy.  HIIT exercises can really tire you and give you body pains but never, ever give up.  Have a strong desire to maintain a healthy lifestyle and make it a habit.  Twelve weeks of continuous exercise and diet will give you the results that you desire.  However, after 12 weeks and after you have seen results, still continue with the new lifestyle and engage your whole family.

Pardon the mess.  I usually do my exercises in our bedroom and this was me taking a rest after my workout.  HIIT exercises can really tire you big time and yes, there are instances that I almost vomit because it's so difficult.  Do HIIT for beginners first and when you get the hang of it increase the difficulty level.  HIIT workouts can be done at home, no need for expensive equipment, just an exercise (yoga) mat and rubber shoes.
Look at my progress for three months!

I was also given an opportunity to attend a make-up class by Nikki Tiu.  I was invited to attend a make-up workshop before but I didn't take it seriously.  I didn't listen and didn't even participated during the hands-on activity.  I attended make-up class this time because I was encouraged by a friend to do so.  I was so happy to learn tricks and techniques on putting make-up, and how make-up can make or break a person's looks and appearance.  

Me with Nikki Tiu

There are still lots of things to improve on myself.  I am not a perfect person, but I know that I am doing my best to improve my life so that I would set an example to my son.  I want to enjoy life more and to celebrate milestones with my son.  

First quarter has just ended.  It's not yet too late to start taking care of yourself.  Don't wait for the next year to start anew.  Stop making excuses, stop making delays.  The time to do something about yourself is NOW.  Have the determination to change something in yourself.  Start doing something new in your life, improve your well being, and make something amazing that will leave a mark and inspire other people to follow your footsteps. 

I am excited to hear about your makeover story!  Share yours, okay?! 

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