Happy Mother's Day to Daddy! Solane Pays Tribute to Single Dads

By Mommy Donna and Kib - May 20, 2018

Living in a single-parent family is not easy.  A parent must strike a balance being a mother and a father to his/her children.

As you have read from my earlier blogs, I am very vocal to say that being both a mother and a father to my son is not easy.  I have to balance the two roles that I have at home and there are times that I really break down because I feel that I become a lesser parent.  I feel that I cannot fulfill my duties very well.  There are times that I become extremely tired towards the end of the day, trying to accomplish all of the things in my to-do list.  

Apart from being a parent, I also have to also work for us.  I am happy that I only work from home that I do not need to sacrifice being away for most of the time at home and leave my son to be taken cared by a nanny.  I know I have the best of both worlds, but there are times that your time will not be equally divided between two worlds.  There are some instances that because of work, I have a tendency to set aside my son's needs.  Sometimes Kib would complain to me why he has to do a lot of household chores.  I would explain to him that I have to spend time at work or else we do not have money.

Being a single parent can be either by choice or by circumstance.  One thing's for sure, no one wished to have a single parent family.  Sadly, the society has a tendency to be judgmental towards single parents, saying that an individual became a single parent because of the wrong choices he/she made in life.  

Most of the time, single parenthood is associated with moms, but nowadays there is an increasing number of single dads too.

The recently-concluded Mother's Day celebration honored mothers for doing a great job in raising children, but there are also dads out there who also deserve such honor too.

Check out the Mother's Day video of Solane:

Solane's latest viral video is an eye-opener for us not to only honor mothers during Mother's Day but also recognize to the efforts of single dads who are also acting as moms to their children.  I was surprised to see that it was the dad who is given recognition by the children in the video.  The dad who was trying his best to cook the best dishes for his children, the dad who tries to make the house clean, the dad who tries to be the best 'mom'--yes, he also deserves to be honored at Mother's Day.

I can partly relate to the dad on the video.  I must admit that there are times that my cooking is a failure.  There are times that my son doesn't like the dishes I cook for us, but he won't show it to me.  He would still eat but towards the end of the meal he would say his opinion about the dish so that I would improve the next time.  

Mother's Day celebration is already over, but I want to greet single dads out there a Happy Mother's Day!  You also deserve to have a special treatment on this day, I salute you too!

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