LG Electronics Makes Your Life Happy and Healthy

By Mommy Donna and Kib - April 20, 2018

Every start of the year, I always make it to a point that I write down my faith goals so that I would be guided on what I want to happen in my life.  I always start the year with prayer and fasting and pray for my goals fervently.  Towards the end of the year I reevaluate my goals and see which have been answered by the Lord and not.  Those were not answered by the Lord were written again on my next year's goals.  I don't give up, I know the Lord will give my heart's desires on His right timing.

One of the goals that I have this year is to stay happy and live healthily.  I am already in my 40s and I need to be extra careful with my health.  I went back to exercising and watched out my diet.  As much as possible I stay away from posting negativities on social media and if there's something I need to air my frustration, I just send a message to my close friends.  I also read online articles to help me improve myself, like the articles from BetterHelp.  You may check HERE for the list of the articles that I revisit every now and then to help me keep my sanity.

Of course, we also wanted to live in a comfortable home.  We wanted our home to be a place to build happy memories with out loved ones.  We wanted to live in a home where we can feel safe and secure.  We wanted to live a convenient life using the modern technology. 

Speaking of modern technology, I am happy to maximize the use of it to make my life at home easy.  Being a work at home mom I do not have luxury of time to do household chores, and to be honest, I also hate doing household chores, haha.  As time passes by, a lot of upgrades were done to make our lives easier than easy, providing tome saving, user-friendly, and even energy-saving devices that are meeting the needs of consumers rather than simply serving as the latest techie gadgets.  Home appliances are constantly evolving into nifty, consumer-centric machines that make our lives easier--and our homes considerably cleaner.  From vacuuming to clearing the air of pollutants to helping us cook in the most efficient way, these intelligent gadgets allow us to automate time-consuming actions, freeing up our time so that we can do more things and to make time to do the things that we really enjoy.

LG Electronics, one of the leading brands in providing home management solutions, has recognized the changing landscape of our homes.  LG Electronics has been constantly providing ingeniously designed solutions that encourage families to pursue a healthier and more productive lives.  LG Electronics offer energy-efficient motors, intuitive add-ons and sophisticated designs which make home appliances and kitchen gadgets fulfill almost any domestic wish and assure that no one will see housework as a chore again.

Check out these new innovations from LG Electronics:

1.  LG Hom-Bot--a robotic vacuum that can clean floors and carpets while you're away and go back to a clean and dust-free home.  

2.  LG DualCool airconditioner--a green home machine with an Auto Clean feature that prevents the growth of bacteria and mold, thus providing a cleaner and more pleasant home environment.

3.  LG InstaView Door-in-Door fridge--has a mirrored glass panel that lights up with two quick knocks and allows you to see inside an easy access compartment without opening the door, thus reducing cold air loss to help keep food fresher longer.  It also has FRESHBalancer feature that keeps your fruits and veggies in optimal condition by adjusting the right amount of humidity.  It also has Moist Balance Crisper that maintains moisture levels, and Hygiene FRESH+, a five-step air filter that eliminates up to 99.9% bacteria, as well as bad odor.

4.  LG Smart Oven--these handy helpers are equipped with settings that cook food more efficiently, lock nutrients in, and keep unhealthy fats and sodium out.  Moreover, LG's Lightwave Oven Technology offers a multi-heating system that allows you to prepare healthier, gourmet-standard food with the minimum amount of fuss.

These smart appliances from LG Electronics are really worthy investments!  It'll make your home management system efficient.  It'll make you enjoy staying at home more and just have a bonding time with your family.

For more details on how LG Electronics can help improve your life, visit www.lg.com/ph.  You may also follow LG Philippines on Facebook and Instagram.

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