TULA Philippines Offers Summer Class Programs

By Mommy Donna and Kib - March 22, 2018

Whenever there are opportunities for Kib to enrich his current skills and to further develop his social skills, I would be glad to grab that chance to do so.  It's every parent's responsibility to give the things that will help our child boost his/her knowledge and confidence.

I am glad to come across TULA Philippines.

TULA is short for The Ultimate Learning Accelerator.  It is an award-winning tutorial program founded by international education experts and recognized by Globe Future Makers, the Australian Government, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT Solve).  TULA kids consistently get higher grades at school and build essential 21st century skills for their future.

What makes TULA different from other tutorial/after-school centers is that they also instill values to the kids.  There are thematic activities every quarter to make the kids' learning at TULA more fun, enjoyable, and memorable.

TULA programs are open for kids ages 5-13 and has four centers in Metro Manila (two in Pasig, two in Makati).

This summer, TULA will offer summer programs to children:  Art Attack and Kid Legends.

In Art Attack, TULA kids will unleash their creativity and experiment with different art forms.  Activities include designing their own logo, building their own sculpture, and curating their own art gallery.  They will make new friends, learn more about society, and build essential skills, character, and attitude.

In Kid Legends, kids will explore real-world challenges affecting the earth and their future.  Lessons include learning how to protect endangered animals, build solar ovens, create and launch their very own awareness campaign.  

For both programs kids will make new friends, learn more about society, and build essential skills, character, and attitude.

Art Attack will be offered in Legaspi branch while Kid Legends will be offered in East Rembo, Dr. Sixto, and De Castro branches.

The summer classes will commence on April 9 and will end on June 2, for a total of eight weeks of fun and learning.

For both classes, fee is Php800 per week.  Should you decide to enroll for the whole duration of summer, pay a one-time fee of Php5600, which saves you Php800!  Check out below the fees:

Are you excited this summer?  Spend it with TULA and have a fun and memorable one!

To enroll at Kid Legends, register on this link:  bit.ly/TULAKidLegends.  For Art Attack, please sign up here:  bit.ly/TULAArtAttack.  Learn more about TULA Philippines at www.tulaeducation.com.  You may also catch updates on their Facebook page.  You can also email them at ask@tulaphilippines.com.

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