Book Museum cum Ethnology Center Opens Third Annex and James Dean Cafe

By Mommy Donna and Kib - March 26, 2018

My son and I never get tired of going to the same place over and over again....

I do believe that even you have already been to a certain place, there is still something new that you will discover and learn.

Our visit to Book Museum cum Ethnology Center last March 17th was our third one (see my blog about our first visit here).  This time, the James Dean Cafe and the third Ethnology Annex were unveiled to the public.  The James Dean Cafe has been conceptualized since the Book Museum cum Ethnology Center opened in 2016 but was only made into reality just this year.  The museum owner, Atty. Dominador Buhain Jr. is a huge fan of James Dean that is why he dreamt of having a special place for the action on the museum complex.  

Check out the James Dean memorabilia that you can see inside the cafe:

A replica of James Dean's car.  James Dean died in a car accident

The gramophone and the phonograph are working!  Ask the staff to wind it up so you can hear the music coming from these vintage items

Wooden tissue holder

A wall dedicated to James Dean

The restroom is dedicated to Peter Pan, one of the favorite cartoon characters of Atty. Buhain.  Inside the restroom you can see the story why he loves Peter Pan so much.  There were also Peter Pan collector's items inside the restroom too.

Since the theme of the cafe is all-American, the menu offers American dishes.  Soon, they will offer more food choices as they grow the business.

Very affordable menu!

They're so delicious!

Milkshake and cheesy sandwich

The third Ethnology Annex of Book Museum cum Ethnology Center boasts of different rocks from the Gigantes Island and Atty. Buhain's extensive collection of hats locally and internationally.  

Check out the things that you can see inside the third Ethnology building:

Entrance fee at the Book Museum cum Ethnology Center is Php300 which includes Php100 worth of voucher at James Dean Cafe and 2-3 hours of guided tour at the whole museum complex.  It's worth the trip because they keep on adding new collection for people to see and learn the history behind it.  


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