Shakey's Louisiana Shrimp Pizza for a Limited Time Only!

By Mommy Donna and Kib - February 17, 2018

I love seafood!  I love pizza!
There are times that when I'm too lazy to prepare meals for me and my son, I would order pizza delivery.  However, now that I'm into balik-alindog, I have to control myself eating pizza, waaah!

Every time we go to Bataan, seafood is always being served because we can buy it fresh and there's a small market (talipapa) just across our ancestral house there.  

So happy to know that Shakey's is now offering Louisiana Shrimp Pizza at a limited time only, embracing two of my most favorite food!

Shakey's Louisiana Shrimp Pizza is inspired by the rich cuisine of Louisiana, USA.  Arguably one of the most flavorful cultures in the world, Louisiana cuisine is a delicious melting pot thanks to French, African, American, and French-Canadian cultures.  Louisiana is the number one provider of shrimp, oysters, crab, crawfish, and even alligator meat in the United States!

Shakey's Louisiana Shrimp Pizza has plump and juicy shrimps on top marinated in Cajun spice blend, with strips of freshly cut basil leaves to make the pizza tastier and appetizing. Louisiana Shrimp Pizza is a thin crust pizza with special herbed garlic sauce.  Light and delectable, this pizza is definitely a catch for your taste buds!  Perfect for Lenten season and people who are watching their diet won't have guilt feeling of eating something that has high calories!

Shakey's Louisiana Shrimp Pizza became available in all Shakey's restaurants since February 14th and will be enjoyed by everyone until April 30th.  This is also available for delivery, just call their hotline 77-7777 or order online at

I can assure you, this really tastes delicious as we had the first dibs!  It's truly a one-of-a-kind pizza that everyone should try and taste.  Enjoy Louisiana Shrimp Pizza with your loved one!

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