Our Magical Stay at Disney's Hollywood Hotel

By Mommy Donna and Kib - February 01, 2018

It is everybody's dream to stay in a Disneyland hotel to match up their Disneyland theme park visit.  However, it'll also mean that you also have to pay premium for you to experience staying there.  But when you will think about the once-in-a-lifetime experience versus the money that you will pay for it, I would say it's all worth it.

We stayed at Disney's Hollywood Hotel for four days during our winter holiday in Hong Kong.  Disney's Hollywood Hotel is one of the hotels inside Hong Kong Disneyland Complex, the other two are Disneyland Resort Hotel and Disney's Explorer Lodge.  Disney's Hollywood Hotel is the smallest and cheapest among the three hotels.  I checked the rates for the three hotels to compare the prices for the same room type, the rate at Disney's Hollywood Hotel is half of the cost of the same room in Disneyland Resort Hotel.  You can check the amenities of these three hotels on Hong Kong Disneyland's website.

Disney hotels are family hotels, so expect a lot of family guests with young children.  All rooms have two double-sized beds.  They do not have rooms designed for couples (no single queen sized bed), so I won't recommend Disneyland as your choice for honeymoon, not unless you want to have separate beds, haha.

Check the pictures below of Disney's Hollywood Hotel:

Here are the pictures of our hotel room:

You can ask to replenish your toiletries daily!  They would even give you hotel slippers daily too!

There is also a room on each floor where you can fill up the ice bucket in your room with ice and buy drinks at a vending machine.  In addition, Disney's Hollywood Hotel provides all guests with unlimited supply of bottled water.  There are two bottles of 1.75 liters of water in your room and they replenish it every day.

To get to Disney's Hollywood Hotel, the most convenient way is to ride the taxi from the airport.  You can also ride the Airport Express train, however, you have to make two train transfers and ride the free shuttle service going to the hotel.  Taking the train is more expensive and stressful than taking the taxi.  Take the blue taxi (Lantau taxi).  You will pay around 150 HKD and add 5 HKD for each luggage.  In our case, we paid 166 HKD.  You have to pay the taxi driver in cash.

To go to the Disneyland theme park and to the train station, the hotel provides free shuttle service to all guests.  The shuttle service is very organized; people line up and once the seats are filled up, passengers have to wait for the next shuttle.

Disney's Hollywood Hotel has an outdoor pool, but since it's winter, it'll be too cold to swim, so they took the opportunity to do maintenance on the pool.  

I would recommend families who would like to visit Hong Kong Disneyland to try to stay at a Disneyland hotel at least for one night to have a magical experience that your children won't forget.  

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  1. We currently live an hour away fr Disney World so it never occurred to me to stay in one of their hotels/resorts. And over here, a FL resident annual theme park pass is prolly equivalent to 1-night Disney resort/hotel stay! Anyhoo, I would consider a Disney hotel in HK if the price is right, LOL! Did u book directly w/ Disney? If not, how much would be the cost for a 1-nite stay @ Hollywood?

    1. My aunt who was also with us during this trip was also excited to stay at a Disney hotel because she also lives near Disneyland in LA.

      We booked via Trivago. Our 5-day stay there costs around $1000 for a deluxe room.