Let's Help Handog Lingap Raise Funds!

By Mommy Donna and Kib - February 21, 2018

Whenever I can, I donate and help people and organizations to make their dreams of helping the impoverished come true.  I also do volunteer work whenever my time permits.  I am now also teaching my son to have a heart of helping others and spending time in volunteering.

When an email was sent to me asking to spread the love about the upcoming project of Junior Chamber International (JCI) Manila, I just can't say no because they have a good cause and I do hope that God is also knocking at your hearts to share whatever blessings you have to make this project a reality.

Now on its 10th official year, JCI Manila's Handog Lingap 2018 is putting together another day of fun and learning for indigent and special kids with bigger, better, and more sustainable things in store to help them thrive.

On the latest report of UNICEF, approximately 1 out of 7 or roughly 5.1 million Filipino children are living with disabilities.  With the lack of understanding and resources available to them, these kids suffer from unmet health needs and societal stigma which ends up limiting their development and opportunities.

JCI Manila has been an instrument in helping children with disabilities in making our country a better place, recognizing the role of each child in our nation's future through their flagship and legacy project, Handog Lingap.

This coming March 12th, 2018, over 800 indigent children with special needs and their teachers from public schools in Manila under the Department of Education's Special Education (SPED) Program, will be treated to a day of fun and learning including several activities to help them explore their potential.

With this, Handog Lingap is raising Php800,000 to make this event possible.  They are asking people to sponsor a child for Php1,000 each. This will go directly to the event for the kids, for their meals, gifts, transportation, among others.

In addition, swimming classed to be spearheaded by Bert Lozada Swimming School will also give the children an interactive physical activity which is important to their physical development.  There will also be a Disaster Preparedness Workshop by Frederick Dalena, which will equip caregivers and kids with knowledge on how to save their lives in various stressful situations.  Moreover, a transition programs forum will also be held to start the dialogue on how to best to transition children from SPED schools to employment.

Handog Lingap 2018 Project Chairman Francis Tailon said that for this year, they wanted the activity to be bigger and better. "We are celebrating a decade of bringing joy to these kids this year and we would like to reach more children and make a lifelong impact in their lives.  We want to equip them with important life skills, giving them the chance to improve their quality of life, empowering them with compassion and inclusion, and giving them the support they need to succeed," Tailon added.

This event won't be possible without your help!  

Interested individuals and corporate supporters can check the official crowdfunding page HERE on how they can help.  You can also check out their Facebook and Instagram accounts for information about Handog Lingap.  They also accept donations in kind. 

It takes a village to raise a child, so without your generous heart, these underprivileged children won't have a bright future ahead of them.

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