Tips for Traveling with Seniors

By Mommy Donna and Kib - January 06, 2018

Traveling can be both enjoyable and stressful, and I have mentioned this on my earlier blogs about me and my son's adventures.  We had done doing road trips, climbing mountains, joining fun runs, among others.  This time, our latest adventure includes the lolas (see the story here).  Traveling with seniors can be a lot different because you have to consider their stamina and capability to endure long walks.  Aside from that, their attitude may already be different as they have a tendency to be easily impatient and irritated should things don't go the way it should be.  

I have written in my previous blog some tips on how to travel with children.  Now, I am giving you tips on how to travel with seniors.  Are you ready to travel with your senior?

1.  Plan waaaay ahead of time.  Seniors may already have health issues, so better not to plan a vacation on the last minute.  They need to condition their body first and need to consult their physician if such trip can do harm on their body.  You also have to tell the senior what kind of activities to do during the trip.

2.  Let seniors use a 4-wheel trolley luggage.  It's easier to drag than the two-wheel luggage.  Seniors might not control the two-wheel luggage.

Packing our stuff on our way back to Manila.  All of us have one trolley and Kib and I have backpacks

3.  Bring extra water tumbler.  Just like what I mentioned in my previous blog about traveling tips with kids, it's better to bring an extra water tumbler for seniors.  Some seniors need to rehydrate very often because of some health conditions, and water might not be always readily available.  Bring cookies, crackers, and candies too for quick bites while on the road.

4.  Have a relaxed itinerary.  Seniors can no longer move fast, so better not to avail of a group tour package.  You can still have a private tour to maximize time.  If doing a DIY itinerary, better to stretch your holidays than compressing everything in 2-3 days only so that they won't get tired.

5.  Choose a hotel that has an elevator access.  I made a wrong decision during our last holiday because the place that we stayed in Bangkok doesn't have an elevator going to the higher floors.  While the oldies still managed to climb the stairs, they had a hard time going up and down.  Don't get me wrong, the place we stayed is nice and cozy.

While the steps are not steep, it's a painstaking activity for the oldies to go up and down the stairs

The main lobby of our hostel.  It's cute!

Our hostel has a travel theme, it'll make you desire to travel more and more

Common room at the fourth floor.  You can use the mugs and the electric kettle.  You can drink tea and coffee for free

6.  Have a massage as the last activity.  For sure, seniors will get very much tired from walking during the vacation.  Let them have a relaxing massage on your last day before going home, they will surely love it.

Thai massage is the best!

7.  Be patient in explaining!  Seniors may be makulit and masungit already, so be patient to explain and try to cater to their whims during the holiday.  They can also be matampuhin if their wishlist isn't fulfilled.  Be also ready to be their porter, they might have difficulty carrying their stuff.  Seniors might also have difficulty adjusting to the culture and might look for things that they are used to way back home, so just let them have it as much as possible, but try to explain that some discomfort can only be for few days.  Their taste buds might also be sensitive too and they are not accustomed to tasting new dishes, so look for a restaurant which can serve neutral meals that they can eat and enjoy.

It's fun traveling with seniors because you also let them experience something new.  Do not be afraid to introduce them to new stuff, just like the younger generation, they also need to unwind and relax and enjoy life.  

Tell me your traveling experience with your seniors, okay?!

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  1. Thank you for the tips! This will help me in planning a trip for my mom.