Thank You 2017!

By Mommy Donna and Kib - January 02, 2018

Every day, there is something that we can thankful for.  The moment that you opened your eyes in the morning it means that the Lord has added another day in your life.  All of us are praying for a better life and good health and the Lord has never failed us to sustain our needs.  It's okay to pray for something big to happen in our lives because we have a generous God who also rewards our deeds and continuous faithfulness in Him.  

Alongside all the blessings the Lord has been giving us, He is also giving us challenges which serves as a test of faith in Him and to also make us wiser in making decisions in our lives.  The trials that the Lord has been giving us also makes us mature in handling situations and it also makes us to look at things differently in life, either as positively or negatively.  

2017 has given us a lot of surprises, and I'm thankful to the Lord for continuously providing for our needs and giving us extra so that we can enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Here our the highlights of our year:

January--started the year with the annual prayer and fasting 

February--I was able to get the decision of my nullity, after seven years (read about it here)

March--Kib had his first mountain-climbing experience (read about it here)

April--did Stations of the Cross at BGC

May--My son and I worked together in a digital project with Ligo (watch it here).  I finally decided to have our own Facebook page (shameless plug, please like our page, hihi).

June--my car's first 5,000kms check-up

July--I had my first TV commercial with Piolo Pascual (watch it here).  We also had our first international trip in Hong Kong (read about it here).  I already got an NSO copy of my marriage contract with annotation, weee! 

August--more work opportunities for me

September--work, work, work!  

October--tried mystery shopping (another raket, will tell you more about it soon!) and run our first fun run, weee! (read about it here)

November--It's my car's first anniversary, wee!  Also our second international trip with my mom and tita in Bangkok, Thailand (read about it here).  Kib had a pet dog for the first time too (will tell you more about our furbaby soon!)

December--start of planning for 2018

In addition to that, my blogging career is flourishing, thank you for paid opportunities!  My events management job is also doing well and my small business is doing fine too, although there were not that much orders, but I'm thankful for inquiries.

Indeed, the Lord has given us more than what I expected.  Whenever I look back at my planner to see how God worked in my life, I am left in awe of thinking how loving our God is.  I am a sinner and yet His blessings never fail to show His unwavering love for me.  I still have lots of things on my prayer list, I know the Lord will answer them one by one, in His perfect time.  I just need to be patient and keep holding on to His promises and also have to do my part as a child of God.

Apart from these milestones, 2017 has also gave me learnings that I would apply for this year:

1.  In love, NEVER EVER compromise your standards.  Stick to it.
2.  Be open to new possibilities.  I never thought I can be on TV, haha.
3.  Continue to inspire people, turn negativity into positivity.
4.  Be patient.  Everything will fall into its proper place at the right time.
5.  Dream big.  There is no harm on praying beyond your needs, God also rewards us for a job well done. 
6.  Be generous.  Do not hesitate to extend your blessings to other people.  God will give it back tenfold.
7.  Don't lose focus.  Distractions are always there, it's not worth to be distracted at all.
8.  Take a time-off once in a while.  You need to recharge and reward yourself.
9.  Find peace on the things that you cannot change.  
10.  Hold on to God always.  He has the best plans for us, the best advice, the best opportunities for us.

Cheers to 2017 and looking forward to 2018!

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