Meet Bach, The Newest Member of Our Family

By Mommy Donna and Kib - January 11, 2018

It has always been proven that having a pet companion at home improves the quality of life of the individual.  However, having a pet would also entail huge responsibility to raise a disciplined pet and to provide for their needs.  

Kib had several pets in the past (see post here) and we stopped having one when his last pet, a fighting fish, died.  We went on a vacation for three days and we totally forgot about the fish, so we went home to a dead fish.  Kib cried incessantly and we gave the fish a decent burial in our garden.  Since then, I also decided to stop having a pet at home because Kib can't handle death.

After few years, Kib was able to win two pet chicks from an Easter party.  One escaped and the other one was eaten by a cat.

Few months ago, he picked up a baby kitten, but the kitten only survived for three days because it was really weak when he saw him.  This time, Kib was able to handle death.

Since last year, Kib was begging me to have a pet dog.  I was hesitant to take care of a dog because dogs have different personalities.  In addition to that, I am not sure if Kib is already ready in taking care of a dog.  We also go out on a regular basis so it's an additional worry for us to leave a pet at home.  Kib doesn't like playful dogs.  He gets scared when dogs start to play with him as if he's being attacked.  He likes dogs which are laid-back.

Last November 11th, a close friend of mine sent me a message on Facebook asking me if I wanted to have a dog.  I immediately said that Kib has been begging me to have a dog for the longest time.  She said that she needs to get rid of her pets since they are moving to a condominium unit.  She carefully chose the people who she thinks will love her pets the same way she loved them.  She said she wanted to surprise Kib, so I didn't tell Kib about the dog.

While on our way to meet my friend, I mentioned to Kib that Tita Meanne will give her something.  When we already met, my friend said to Kib, "I'm going to give you something."  Kib replied bluntly, "Yeah I know, my mom told me."  So she opened the hatch of her vehicle and there's the cute puppy inside the cage.  Kib said, "I know it's not that one."  But to his surprise, my friend said, "It's yours."  Kib was speechless and giddy after knowing that his dreams of having a pet dog will come true.

The dog's name is Bach.  He is a 3-month old German mini-schnauzer.  When we brought him home, we gave him a bath.  He was so quiet and still and was just on my side after bathing, as if he's feeling lonely and needs tender loving care.  On his first few days with us he's a bit shy.  He just stays on one corner and he likes going to tight spaces.  Few more days and his personality shows.  His playful personality showed and responds when you call him.  He would already explore the house but won't get out of the house.  If he's on leash, he would resist walking.  

My son and Bach are like playmates.  They would play on the floor and Bach would always jump on him and would wrestle him.  Kib is like a big brother to Bach.

Bach was taken cared by a friend for a week while we're away (we went to Bangkok).  My friend told me that her dog and Bach are not best of friends, haha.  They would chase each other and bark at each other.  Bach was too playful for her dog.

Bach is now 6 months old.  He's too big for his cage already that is why he now stays at our laundry area.  He would still get inside our house, and his toilet training is ongoing (although he already poops outside the house, his urinating still needs training).  He will have his first grooming soon, and we're excited to bring him to our adventures too!

More kuwento about our furbaby soon!

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