Love is NOT Lovelier the Second Time Around

By Mommy Donna and Kib - January 15, 2018

Love is lovelier the second time around....NOT!

That's what other people say when they failed on their first relationship and has found a new love on their next.  But then, sometimes love isn't still lovelier the second time...or even the third time around.

After my failed marriage, friends have been always reminding me to be wiser in choosing the next guy in my life. They will say, "O, alam mo na ha, kilalanin mabuti..."

Honestly, I still have a longing to have somebody to grow old with.  While I am happy with my current disposition right now being a mom to my son, friends have been encouraging me to go out and 'search'. 

Yes, I took the risk of searching, but unfortunately, I failed again.
There came a point in my life that I asked myself if there's anything wrong with me.  I even entertained the idea of consulting a therapist or counselor to help me out sort my feelings about my recent failed relationship.  It's good that counseling nowadays can be already done online. offers this service to both couple counseling and individual counseling.  Learn more about by clicking this link:

Friends have mixed opinions on my failure.  Some made me feel that I never learned my lesson, some have consoled and comforted me, and some have given me advice and prayed for me.  

Towards the end of everything and among everything, God is the best comforter.  His words made me feel that He will give me peace and He has the best plans for me, I just have to be patient and trust His will.

Reflecting on my once-again failed relationship, I have learned a lot from it.

1.  Stick on your standards.  Do not compromise.  Do not settle for 'puede na'.
2.  Trust your instincts.
3.  When the guy keeps on repeating the same offense, walk away.  You deserve to be respected.
4.  Look for someone who will encourage you to be at your best, and not to drag you down.
5.  Pray for your partner.

This time, I am more determined to wait and to focus on God and myself.  As I start my year, I have planned my game for this year and I am more determined to be at my best and to go back to my regular programming with some improvements.

Cheers for 2018!

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