Our Fun Experience at Color Manila's Glitter Run

By Mommy Donna and Kib - October 24, 2017

Let's get physical!

It's very important that we should always maintain good health so that we would live longer and be able to do activities that would not hinder us to have fun.  I am also always reminding my son to also take care of himself.  As a mother, it is my responsibility to raise a healthy child by feeding him nutritious food and providing activities that will keep him fit.

Kib had tried sikaran (Filipino martial arts), swimming, and recently, mountain climbing.  One of the things in my bucket list of mother and son activities is to run together.  I have been wanting to join fun runs in the past but since the assembly time is too early, it's so hard to wake up early, haha.  I've heard of evening runs too, unfortunately the schedules coincide with my other schedules too.  

I'm so happy that finally, last October 22, I've joined my FIRST EVER fun run, weee!

My selfie after reaching the finish line

Yes, it's only me who joined, but I also tagged along Kib with me to be my photographer, haha.

I signed up at the 5-km run of Color Manila Glitter Run.  Color Manila has been organizing fun runs for the past five years.  What makes this run unique among the others is that participants will be drenched in water, splattered with colored powder, and will be treated with joyous after-run party with...more colors!  

Runners at the starting line

The first 'surprise'--getting drenched in water so that the colored powder sticks to the clothes and body

The true meaning of Color Manila--to be colorful towards the end of the run!

More color!

Aside from the colored powder, we were also showered with foam bubbles!

Bubbles galore!

And the finale--GLITTERS!

At the after-event party where participants were showered with more colored powder, weee!

People are enjoying the idea of being 'colorful' after the event

I've been wanting to join Color Manila-organized runs because I can see pictures of happy runners who are spending fun and healthy time with their loved ones.  Color Manila run is no pressure at all; not timed, you can run, walk, or jog until you finish the course.

We arrived early at MOA concert grounds to get my race kit.  I talked with my son that he cannot join me at the run but he will be my photographer instead.  He agreed with the set-up but I can feel his desire that he wants to run with me.  When the crowd is getting bigger and bigger, I started to worry about his safety.  I didn't know where to leave him to wait for me while I finish the course.  I left my phone with him so he can call me when he needs me (I have two phones).  I told him that he can also run with me but he will just stay at the side.

When the race was about to start, I changed my mind.  I just told him to wait for me at the starting line until I finish the race.  

Few minutes after the race started, I received a phone call.  Kib was calling me to tell me that he decided to follow because he doesn't know where to stay and wait!  So I stopped for awhile to wait for him.  I didn't let him run with me all throughout.  I let him wait at the U-turns and meet him there.

Kib was also drenched in colored powder

At the finish line, I can see that my son also enjoyed the whole activity even if he is not an official participant. 

More fun runs to come for us! 

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