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By Mommy Donna and Kib - October 02, 2017

Recently, I've been extra busy.  Running the household, taking care of my son, doing several jobs to make ends meet--hay!  These are the things that makes me realize how difficult it is to be a single mom.  There are times that I wish that I have extra help at home whom I can ask to do errands for me.  I thank God that I can already rely on my son especially in doing household chores because if I will still do everything at home, I feel like dying of fatigue.

When my online jobs require more of my time, going out to do errands becomes a difficult task for me.  Thank God for technology, I can do some of the errands online, like paying bills, booking for courier pick-ups, even buying things I need at home.  

Speaking of buying, we already know that online shopping websites have been existing for quite some time now.  I have already tried buying in some of the online shopping websites. and I even own an online business too (see my blog about my small online shop here).  Truly, we can do a lot of things now by just clicking our mouse and tapping on our mobile phones.

Recently, I came across the grocery shopping app.  There's one currently available but unfortunately, the service is not yet available in our area.  I would really like to try doing my usual grocery shopping online because I want to save time.  Honestly, these days, grocery shopping is something that I find difficult to do due to my busy schedule.  I usually do my grocery shopping for 2-3 hours because I get overwhelmed with all of the products that I see in the grocery store.  While I have my shopping list, I still have a tendency not to stick on it and add items that aren't there.  I'm ending up with more than what is on my list and have the shock of my life when I'm about to pay for all of them, haha.

Last Sunday, September 24th, I was invited to the pilot launch of the newest grocery shopping app, Easy Grocery.  I feel blessed to be part of this event because I really wanted to try how a grocery shopping app really works and how this kind of app will help me in saving time and energy.  Easy Grocery is an app developed by Bilinear Inc.  It is both available in Google Play and App Store.  It's good to know that this app is developed by our fellow Filipino so the more that we should support this app.

This is the main screen once you opened the app

Easy Grocery is a location-based mobile phone app where customers can purchase grocery items and have it delivered to their doorsteps.  It offers grocery shopping without the need to go out to buy it personally.  Easy Grocery for the meantime is available in Makati, Taguig, and Paranaque, but they do hope that their app will have wider scope towards the end of the year.

Here are the main features of Easy Grocery:

  • Easy Grocery is not just tied up with one grocery.  Easy Grocery will give you options on where to do your online grocery shopping as long as it is within your area.  One good thing about Easy Grocery is that you can do your grocery shopping in multiple stores in just one transaction.
  • Prices indicated on the app are the store's SRP.  No mark-ups made by Easy Grocery.
  • Easy Grocery's commitment time from the time they processed your order is 60 minutes.
  • Easy Grocery has multiple payment channels.  You can pay your items via credit/debit card and cash on delivery.  Every time you shop using Easy Grocery, you also earn points.  Your accumulated points can be used to also pay for the items you bought using Easy Grocery app.  Soon, payments can also be made via Bayad Centers, bank over the counter, online banking, convenience stores, and mobile payment.
  • Easy Grocery has 'runners', who will act as buyers of your orders from the store you have chosen.  The customer can also track the location of the runner via GPS.
  • Customer will be notified every now and then about the status of the order (Order Received, Order In Process, Order Delivered".  The runners will proactively contact you to confirm your order and if a particular item is out of stock, they will ask you if you want a replacement or not.
  • Easy Grocery charges service fee (Php100) and delivery fee (Php100).  Should you chose to pick-up your grocery, the delivery fee is no longer applicable.  So affordable, isn't it?!
  • You can choose a different location for delivery, as long as it is within the area.  You can do your online grocery shopping while you're at the office and have it delivered in your home.

During the launch, the developer of the app explained to us the reason behind creating the app and how it works.  Each of us were given a budget of Php2000 to shop using the app and while waiting for our items to be delivered, we played a guessing game.  We have to guess the prices of the grocery items presented to us.

Mr. Eugene Leoncio, Easy Grocery's President and CEO

Me doing my usual grocery shopping using Easy Grocery app

I also let my son use the app

Here's my grocery list.  Your list is saved on the app so that you can refer to your grocery list once the items are delivered to you.  You can also refer to your grocery list for your future online grocery shopping

The runner assigned to do the grocery shopping on my behalf

Easy Grocery will keep you notified on the status of your order.  The runner will also keep in touch with you via mobile to update you with your order, if the store ran out of stock

We all got excited as one rider after another arrives to deliver our items.  Each rider has an Easy Grocery insulated backpack to carry our grocery items.

Runners arrive one by one to deliver our orders!  You can also keep track of their location because the app has a built-in GPS

Very catchy design of the runner's backpack!  Green for freshness

The runner's backpack is divided into four sections to separate food and non-food items on your grocery list.  it is also insulated to ensure freshness

Easy Grocery is indeed a promising tool to help mommies with their daily tasks!  Easy Grocery Since this is an app developed by Filipino, I do encourage you to support this app and let's wait for future development.  Who knows, an Easy Grocery rider will soon be knocking at your doorstep delivering your grocery items in city/municipality you're living.

For updates, you may visit Easy Grocery's Facebook and Instagram accounts.  You may also visit their website, for more information.  For questions and suggestions, you may email

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