Experience the Classroom of the Future at Microsoft Experience Hub in Asia Pacific College

By Mommy Donna and Kib - October 27, 2017

How do you describe a classroom?  It's a typical room with chairs, table, blackboard or white board, bulletin board, and ventilation (either airconditioning system or electric fan).  We would always dream of a classroom that we feel that is conducive to learning, with a feel of relaxation matched with perfect color palette.  Added to that, we wanted a state-of-the-art facilities in each classroom because we wanted our children to have the best learning experience in school.

But is there such thing as an ideal classroom?

Last October 18, 2017, Asia Pacific College (APC) unveiled the Microsoft Experience Hub, the classroom of the future.  The Microsoft Experience Hub is considered as a place for innovation, a center for digital revolution, and and environment for fun learning.

As one of Microsoft's Showcase Schools, APC transforms the typical classroom into a space where students can work, collaborate and experience learning that is flexible, personalized, and engaging.  The hub aims to foster an environment where unique learnings and intelligent insights can be derived.

In this space, students can also work on software and Internet of things (IoT) projects using Visual Studio, Azure IoT, Xamarin, and on the latest enterprise productivity tools.  In the academe like Office 365, OneNote, ClassNote, Microsoft Teams and Planners.  Microsoft's enterprise security tools can now be tested using scenario-based testing to learn about data privacy, network security, and its applicability to different situations.  Likewise, the hub will provide opportunities to learn about Microsoft's virtual and augmented reality initiatives with mixed reality headsets from various vendors.  Furthermore, the hub will provide the set-up required to learn Microsoft Azure services and offerings. 

On the other hand, for Microsoft, this space can be their venue to provide technical seminars, hands-on tutorials and other activities to the APC community and its friends to further its goals of making people experience Microsoft technologies.

The hub will serve as a catalyst that would allow educators and students to experience innovation in technology and education.  The Microsoft Experience Hub will provide APC teachers and learners an environment where unique learnings and intelligent insights can be derived.  Fueled by all these factors, now is definitely the new tomorrow.

These are the major highlights of APC-Microsoft partnership:

1.  Building future-ready skills among students

  • Integration of Azure in the current curriculum
  • Integration of Microsoft tools in APC Senior High School
  • Adoption of Pasay City South High School (PCSHS) and supporting them with STEM skills, providing them access to productivity platform that gives them the edge
2.  Educator Capacity Building

  • Introduce Microsoft Education Ambassadors and MIEEs
  • Introduce MCEs (Microsoft Certified Educators)
  • Microsoft Student Partners
  • Microsoft Certified Students

Check out the photos below how the Microsoft Experience Hub looks like:

If all classrooms will look like this, for sure students will learn a lot and will be inspired to study very hard for their future.

There will be more Microsoft Experience Hubs in their other showcase schools and hopefully, they will be able to share their technology in public schools in the future too.

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