Eastwood City Celebrating Beerfest this October!

By Mommy Donna and Kib - October 03, 2017

Kib and I like doing things together.  From shopping to going to events, to traveling, to doing errands, to doing chores at home.  I am also exposing Kib to different facets of life so that he would know that life is not always full of roses, that sometimes life has thorns too.  I want to raise a street-smart kid, so that he knows how to handle situations when I am not around.

Sometimes, Kib and I go home late, either from shopping or from an event.  Honestly, I also like driving home late at night because of lesser traffic.  

Last Friday, September 29th, Kib had I had a long day.  We did grocery shopping, paid bills, went to ad agency to submit documents, and went to an event.  It was a tiring day that I decided to go to Eastwood City to relax as my final activity for the day.  Eastwood City is one of my favorite places to hang out because it's near to our place and their operating hours is not the usual mall hours.  Good thing that there was a special event on that day, it was the kick-off of the month-long celebration of beerfest.

The month of October is known for Oktoberfest, a celebration originated in Germany.  Germans are known to be beer drinkers due to the cold weather in their country, and having a special day for their beer-drinking tradition is something each Germans are looking forward too.  Filipinos, on the other hand, are also beer drinkers.  Beer has been part of every celebration, whether is just a simple gathering or meet-up with friends.

Eastwood City is gearing up for a month-long celebration of great music, good food, overflowing fun and an unstoppable pouring of beer.  Eastwood City is inviting everyone to celebrate Neon Beer Fest for the whole month of October.  

This year's theme is Neon, and Eastwood City is painting the party scene with an extra hue of excitement over all things beer.  This excitement is also matched with great music from today's music icons.

Pinoy bands Oh Flamingo, Franco, Ransom Collective, and Spongecola were there during the kick-off party last Friday to start the month-long celebration of beer fest.  

Oh Flamingo on stage

This event was made in partnership with San Miguel Corporation and Megaworld Lifestyle Malls.  

Overflowing drinks courtesy of San Miguel Beer

Beer drinking contest during the event.  The guy on the left is the winner

The month-long celebration will offer great deals and exciting promos from selected establishments in Eastwood City.  

Check out the schedule of events at Eastwood City for the Neon Beer Fest:

October 7 (Saturday, 8pm, Fuente Circle) -- DJ's Night 
October 14 (Saturday, 7pm, Eastwood Central Plaza) -- CRWN, Dorothy, Banna Harbera, Orange and Lemons 
October 20 (Friday, 8pm, Fuente Circle) -- DJ's Night

The DJ's Night will be led by the hottest disc jockeys in the Metro, like DJ Renz Elma, DJ Marlo Naval, DJ Marc Naval, DJ Mark Sianghio, DJ Janus Naval, and DJ Jon Naval.

So now, let's block-off our weekends to celebrate beer fest at Eastwood!

Let's party!

For more information, please contact Megaworld Lifestyle Malls Concierge at 709-9888, 709-0888 or 0917-8380111 or visit www.megaworldlifestylemalls.com.

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