Future City: An Interactive Digital Park on September 9-10, 2017

By Mommy Donna and Kib - September 07, 2017

While all of us are dreaming of a bright future for our children, there's still a bit of uncertainty within us if the future will bring something good or something bad.  Most of the time, we base what will the future look like on how we live the present.  We have seen a lot of futuristic movies and for sure, there is one movie about the future that we like.

Future Park: An Interactive Digital Park is an event by The Future Park sponsored by Nestle NANKID Optipro Four will be open to public on September 9-10, 2017 from 10AM to 9PM at the SMX Convention Center at SM Aura, Taguig City.  This exhibit will only be for one weekend so I encourage everyone to make time to see this together with your kids to see what future beholds the Future City.

Welcome to Future City!

Future City is primed to offer an experiential and immersive way of giving us a glimpse of the future with the latest creative media technologies and innovative artistic experiences from all over the globe! It'll be an extraordinary learning experience for kids and parents!  Discover how Future City can help reshape your child's future today through one-of-a-kind interactive installations that will put your eyes and minds in awe.

At the main entrance of Future City at SMX SM Aura

Kib talking to Cenon.  You will find him at the lobby

Some reminders about Future City

Furthermore, this pioneering interactive educational experience offers enriching sights and activities that gives kids and kids-at-heart a glimpse of the world of tomorrow with its spectacular six (6) unique and engaging stations--from a dome that will take you to the far future in an instant, a sketch village that will make your visions come to life, to interactive games, 3D wall art installations and so much more--all are dedicated to promote self-directed learning and explorations that will surely open the mind.

The Future Dome, the first thing that you will experience as you enter Future City

At the dome, participants will be oriented on what they will experience at Future City

At the first activity, children were to choose which career they like in the future and color it

Kib's career: to be a pilot

The image will then be scanned....

You can see the image on the giant LED screen!  Did you see Kib's drawing?

Children will use their feet in stomping on the junk food

It's a team effort!  Children must stomp all the bad food to gain points

Kids will throw soft balls on the wall so that the children won't be able to eat junk food

It's a team effort hitting the bad food!

Different kids of food fall. Hit the junk food before the child eats it

Part of this interactive digital park is a Family Health Screener where parents can assess future health of their children.  As parents, our child's health is one of our major concerns and family history plays a big part in determining what diseases and conditions our child can inherit from us.  By knowing these, educating ourselves about what can be done to prevent these from being passed on is the key to ensuring our child's better future health.  

Station where parents can enter basic info about them and predict their child's future health

Parents encoding their information to the tablet computers provided

This is Kib's future health

Towards the end of the exhibit, parents and children will be ushered into a room that highlights an interactive wall demonstrating the evolution of science for nutrition and development, and how scientific advances have helped secure a child's healthy future.

Interactive digital wall where it tells about the history of Nestle and its mission to provide good health

Kib tapping on some images so that he will learn more about Nestle Health

More information about Nestle Health

In whole, Future City is a fitting fusion of interactive material and abstract concepts demonstrated in a visual and engaging way for kids and the kids at heart to appreciate and enjoy.  What we can learn from this experience is that we, as parents, can build a better future for our children and to provide the best for them, from giving them proper nutrition and supporting their dreams and aspirations so that they will live a happy and fulfilled life.  As we explore the science behind the different elements that drive our lives--the environment we move in, the food we eat, the activities we do--it helps us understand just how relevant all these in securing a brighter, safer, healthier future for generations to come.

Let's work hand-in-hand to reshape our child's future!

It's just for one weekend!  Spend this coming weekend with your family at Future City!

To learn more about this exciting pop-up interactive park, visit www.facebook.com/nankidoptiprofour.  Limited slots available so hurry and pre-register online at https://form.jotform.me/72421157391453.  As I checked the registration site, there are no more available slots.  You may try to walk-in but it is not guaranteed.

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