Breathe Easy With Omron CompAir Nebulizer

By Mommy Donna and Kib - September 27, 2017

I did not come from a family of asthmatics, but I know a lot of friends who are suffering from this illness.  

My father--when he was still alive--had pulmonary problems due to his stroke.  There was a need to nebulize him every now and then to help him with his breathing.  I've told my father's story on my previous blog to tell everyone how difficult it is to take care of someone in the family who has pulmonary problems.  Since my father's lungs become weak due to his stroke, a nebulizer became a necessity.  We also had two standby oxygen tanks should he experiences difficulty in breathing.  

After my father passed away, I still use the nebulizer for my son.  Sometimes he would have difficulty breathing due to his colds and allergic rhinitis.  After nebulization, he would feel relieved and he would sleep peacefully at night.

Nebulizers can help a person with asthma or COPD or any pulmonary problems with their breathing.  It's really a lifesaver and a must-have medical equipment at home.

One of the trusted brands in healthcare is Omron.  Omron manufactures blood pressure monitors, activity trackers, pedometers, EKG, nebulizers, among others.  In the Philippines, Omron is a brand trusted by medical practitioners.  It became a household brand for healthcare.  Filipino families are very much familiar with the brand when we talk about accuracy and efficiency.

Last September 20th, I was invited to an intimate event together with other mommy bloggers to introduce Omron CompAir Nebulizer System NE-C801 to the Philippine market.  This event aimed to create an awareness campaign on the availability of efficient medication for asthma and COPD in the market.  

Just like what I've mentioned earlier, it is really difficult to manage the respiratory illness at home.  Mommies are expected to know how to treat simple respiratory illness at home.  Omron assures every Filipino mommies out there that they have a valuable partner in helping them in dealing with these concerns.

During the event, Dr. Anjanette O. Reyes-de Leon, MD, a pediatrician and asthma and lung specialist, shared valuable information about respiratory problems, management, and cure.  The information Dr. de Leon shared were very helpful in terms of providing us information on how to manage our child's respiratory illness at home.  Dr. de Leon also gave us different ways on how to manage respiratory illness at home, the available medication and treatment, and tips on making our homes allergen-free.

Nebulizers are the most popular way of treating respiratory illness but sadly, not everyone knows how to use it properly.  Omron Healthcare also taught us on how to use and to take care of the nebulizer at home so that it'll last.  There are cases that due to negligence and improper care, the warranty gets void.  Omron Healthcare reminded us that if we are not sure on cleaning or on doing basic troubleshooting, better to bring the nebulizer to the authorized service center.

Omron has different models of nebulizers, depending on your need.  During the event, they highlighted Omron CompAir Nebulizer System NE-C801.  The NE-C801 Compressor Nebulizer System was developed for the efficient management of asthma, chronic bronchitis, allergies, and other respiratory disorders.  The Omron nebulizer kit uses Virtual Valve Technology (VVT) which provides highly efficient nebulization with reduced medication wastage.  The compressor forces air to the nebulizer kit.  When the air enters the nebulizer kit, it converts the prescribed medication into an aerosol of microscopic droplets that can easily be inhaled, helping patients to breathe easy faster.  It boasts of an efficient nebulization rate of 0.3 ml/min.

The NE-C801 model is very light!  You can bring this with you anywhere you go.  In addition, it is very easy to use and to clean.  For mommies with kids who are sensitive to noise, this particular model is also very quiet.  It won't make your kids uncomfortable and fussy while being nebulized due to the noise it creates.  Omron truly aims to give every Filipino the best there is to offer.  Surely, we can #BreatheEasyWithOmron!

Omron Healthcare has an ongoing promo until October 15th!  Omron CompAir Nebulizer System NE-C801 is regularly priced at Php3,280.00, get Php300 off when you purchase this at all leading drugstore chains, appliance stores participating as dealers of the promo and infant stores.  For more information on Omron CompAir Nebulizer System NE-C801 and other products, you may visit  You may also follow their Facebook page for the latest activities and promotions.


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