Grayns: Your Kitchen Friend in Living a Healthy Lifestyle

By Mommy Donna and Kib - August 04, 2017

Rice is a staple food in Asia, and it includes Filipinos.  It's a struggle not to eat rice during meal times especially for those who are trying to lose weight, thus the hashtag #thestruggleisreal, haha.  Since Filipinos are rice-eaters, fast-food restaurants in the Philippines included 'unli-rice' in their business model so to entice people to eat at their establishment.

Sadly, Filipinos are now becoming unaware of the food that they are eating; thus, a lot of Filipinos have now contracted lifestyle diseases.  

Fear not, we have now a new friend in the kitchen that can help us battle our lifestyle diseases!

American Technologies, Inc. has recently unveiled a revolutionary rice cooker that is the first of its kind--Grayns.  The revolutionary rice cooker reduces starch out of rice, thereby lowering calorie content and glycemic load per serving.  It was launched to the media last July 28, 2017 at EDSA Shangri-La.

Dubbed as the only healthy rice cooker in the world, Grayns' patented technology allows cooking rice scientifically the way it's meant to be cooked.  Undergoing a 4-stage cooking process called RevoCook, the rice is first gelatinized through thermosense (the setting of the right temperature to get rid of the excess starch from the rice.  Next stage is debonding, where the gelatinous temperature is intuitively held until most of the excess starch is removed from the rice.  Third stage of cooking rice is it transudes and drains the dissolved starch from the colander, seeping down to the starch collection tray at the bottom of the cooker.  Lastly, rice is demoisturized to make it fluffy, healthy, and delicious.

Kevin Co, CEO and brand ambassador of Grayns Philippines, has been advocating healthy lifestyle since he brought the revolutionary rice cooker to the Philippines.  Mr. Co is proud to say that Grayns rice cooker is highly recommended by nutritionists and doctors to reduce the risk of diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.  It is the perfect tool to help customers kickstart their diets by allowing them to enjoy eating while lessening calories.  Moreover, Grayns is ideal to be used by people with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.  It significantly helps each diabetic to control their blood sugar level and prevent spikes and crashes just 15 minutes after use.

Other benefits of using Grayns rice cooker includes:

  • Lower GI
  • Easier digestion and no more bloating
  • Recommended for diabetes and weight loss
  • Less sugar means slower aging
  • Tastes better, fluffier, and at least 50% more volume when cooked
  • Stays fresh for longer hours
  • Keeps you energetic and full for longer time
  • No more sleepiness and lethargy
Still not convinced?  You may check the table below the differences of conventional rice cooker and Grayns rice cooker:

In addition, Grayns rice cooker is on 350watts compared with conventional rice cooker which has more than 1000watts.

The available Grayns rice cooker model in the Philippines at the moment is worth Php27,000.  It may be expensive, but if you will compare the health benefits that you can get from using Grayns rice cooker, it's worth every centavo.  It's very user-friendly, multi-functional as it can cook pasta, potatoes, noodles, and other starch sources even rice recipes.  It has a memory function that lets you personalize the rice setting you want based on softness and moisture level.  The body is heavy-duty and aesthetically designed, with interiors made of 100% stainless steel.  They will soon offer other models of Grayns rice cooker in the Philippine market so watch out for it!

Are you now switching to a revolutionary rice cooker?  Try Grayns!

Grayns rice cooker is currently available in Rustans, selected Abenson stores, Chimes, and Victoria.  For more information about Grayns Philippines, you may visit their Facebook page and Instagram account.

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