Fil Global Can Fulfill Your Dreams To Study, Work, and Live Abroad

By Mommy Donna and Kib - August 11, 2017

All of us wants to have a better life.  If we have an opportunity to work and live abroad, we will grab the opportunity to do so.  Some people would even loan money or sell their properties just to have enough money to process their application in another country.  While we have heard of bad news about the plight of our fellow Filipinos in another country, we are still in high hopes that we would not have the same fate as theirs.

In the Philippines, there are a lot of placement agencies and consultancy companies which offer assistance to Filipinos who wants to study, work, and live in another country.  Sadly, there are placement agencies and consultancy companies which are not true to their promise of giving a decent job and living conditions to our countrymen.  They are just after the money and once they've deployed the people, they do not care anymore.  Moreover, they do not even have a job to offer and just disappear after they have fooled a lot of people.  So it is very important to check out the company's legitimacy at POEA in deploying Filipinos for work abroad.

Fil-Global Immigration Services Corporation (formerly Fil-Global Ltd.) has celebrated its 3rd year anniversary in helping Filipinos to fulfill their dreams in studying, working, and living abroad.  FGISC is a world-class company that started in the Philippines offering immigration and university placement to the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia, among others.  The company is composed of professionals from many different sectors of industry who provide people from all walks of life a stepping stone to achieve their dreams to study, work, and live abroad.

FGISC hosted a Wine and Cheese Immigration Night last August 7, 2017 for its valued members and treasured partners in the industry.  The event also served as a venue for socialization and networking between the guests and its members.

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Mr. Bertch Ian Ranis, Managing Director of FGISC, gladly shared that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has timely granted FGISC the license to operate as a corporation which he considered as the greatest gift to the company on its celebration of their third year in the industry.  With this approval, they are now ready to offer other services such as Fil-Global Immigration, FG Creatives, JVB Travel and Tours, and PTE Academic Centre.

During the event, several partners of FGISC explained the services that they can offer in order to help our fellow Filipinos on their preparation of studying, living, and working abroad:

JVB Travel and Tours, the official travel company of FGISC, provides the best travel itinerary and tour deals both for company members and non-members.  The company also provides variety of services from passport to tourist visa applications and many more.  

PTE Academic Centre, the official English Centre of FGISC, offers various English programs designed to meet the demands of diverse disciplines.  Each program is tailored to the needs of the students who want to acquire specific English communication skills.  

I'm so glad that FGISC is true to their promise of helping Filipinos to study, work, and live abroad.  You can just go to any of their offices near you to schedule an appointment for consultation.  It's free so no need to worry about paying initial fees before they entertain you.  Visit to know their locations around the Philippines.  No need for an appointment, you can just go there anytime during office hours.

If living a life in another country is God's will for you, everything is possible!  He will make a way for you to prepare whatever you need to prepare for this and just continue to trust Him that everything will happen in His perfect time.

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