Our Demo Class Experience with Chef Nikko Buendia at The Maya Kitchen

By Mommy Donna and Kib - July 06, 2017

I already mentioned before that I'm not that passionate in cooking; therefore,  I do not want to explore baking as well, hihi.  I love eating cakes, but for me to make one and enjoy eating it afterwards....I am not sure if I can do it.  Baking requires patience, consistency, accuracy, and precision.  Once you make a mistake in baking, you cannot do something about it, you cannot correct your mistake; not unlike in cooking, you can adjust the taste as you prepare the dish.

Last Saturday, June 24th, my son and I were invited to attend a live baking demo of Chef Nikko Buendia at The Maya Kitchen.  The Maya Kitchen is a culinary school teaching short baking and cooking courses to everybody, even to kids and teens.  They have been in the industry since 1964.  Apart from being a culinary school, they are also known for supplying baking supplies (flour, cornstarch, baking powder, instant mix) in the market.

Wide array of Maya baking products available at leading supermarkets and groceries nationwide

Watching a live baking demo is something new to me.  The demo area of The Maya Kitchen is equipped with two overhead cameras and wall-mounted TVs so we can see the top view of the tabletop.  

The demo class area of The Maya Kitchen.  There are two TVs on the side on which the audience can see the top view of the counter

Chef Nikko Buendia demonstrated on how to bake a Japanese cheesecake and caramel cake.  She also gave us some baking tips so that we would be able to bake these two delectable cakes perfectly.  Here are some pictures of live baking demo:

The recipe

Chef Nikko Buendia

Chef Nikko demonstrating us some good kitchen practices

Chef Nikko preparing the chiffon cake for the caramel cake

Chef Nikko putting the two chiffon cakes together with butter icing in-between

Pouring the hot caramel icing

Chef Nikko using the remaining butter icing as cake decor

After the cakes were done, we were given an opportunity to taste it, so yummy!

Japanese cake and caramel cake

Delicious caramel cake!

Yummy Japanese cake!

Cooking and baking classes in The Maya Kitchen can range from Php1500 and up, depending on the course that you will take.  You will see on their website their available classes for the month of July.

If you want to attend Chef Nikko Buendia's baking classes, she also holds it on her baking studio in Paseo de Roxas, Makati City.  You may see the July schedule on her Facebook page (Nikko's Baking Studio).

If you want the recipes of Japanese cheesecake and caramel cake, send me an email and I'll be glad to give you a copy:)

Let me know how your cakes taste like, okay?!

Baking is an art, so do it wholeheartedly.

For more information about The Maya Kitchen, you may visit their website at www.themayakitchen.com.  You may also visit their social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).  You may also inquire at contactus@themayakitchen.com for class schedules and fees.

Nikko's Baking Studio is at 59-A Paseo de Roxas, Makati City.  For baking demos and classes, you may email nikkosbakingstudio@gmail.com or call (02) 8871711 or 0920-9544960.

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