Blugre Coffee: Davao's Best Coffee Shop Now in Manila!

By Mommy Donna and Kib - July 17, 2017

When you consider yourself as a coffee lover, there is a tendency for you to explore other drinks and pastries that has coffee in it.  Your taste buds become sensitive to different kinds of coffee and you can already immediately tell what is a good coffee and not.  

When you consider yourself as a coffee lover, you aim to have a coffee brewer in your home and try different coffee beans.  While drinking instant coffee is still an option, you tend to try all kinds of instant coffee available in the market and choose your favorite.

When you consider yourself as a coffee lover, you make coffee shops as one of your places to relax and meet friends.  You enjoy having a bonding moment with the people close to you and coffee shops become your bane for work ocassionally.

I have heard about Blugre Coffee from a friend who had an opportunity to stay in Davao for several years and she has been telling a lot of good things about Blugre.  While I also had been to Davao in the past, I never had a chance to visit one of their coffee shops there.  I got excited when I learned that there is Blugre Coffee near our home!  

Blugre Coffee Metro East beside Taytay Municipal Hall

Blugre Metro East can be found near the municipal hall of Taytay, Rizal.  It opened in February this year, just in time for the town fiesta.  Originally, Blugre Coffee is a local coffee shop in Davao City established in June 1998.  It has three company owned branches in Davao (Landco Corporat Center, Matina Town Square, Gaisano Mall).  Blugre Coffee is known for their signature drink, Durian Coffeecino, a hot coffeeccino concoction that blends espresso and durian fruit wonderfully.  

You may find it a weird combination: durian + coffee, but I can attest that it tastes good!

Apart from coffee and pastries, they also serve meals at an affordable price!

Blugre's red velvet cake, so creamy and delicious!

Blugre Coffee also sells coffee beans and other merchandise such as mugs, souvenir shirts, durian dip, chips and jam, cacao nibs, and coffee wine.

Blugre coffee beans and cacao nibs

Blugre's display of merchandise for sale

Am curious about the taste of coffee wine...will try this some time

Blugre's ceramic mug which has an antique design

Blugre Coffee is also open for franchise!  Presently there 9 branches  all over the country, and one of the franchisees is Manny Pacquiao, he owns the General Santos branch of Blugre.

Blugre's current branches

Check out the pictures of Blugre Metro East branch:


I love the lighting!  Looks industrial

This wall will soon feature the history of Taytay, Rizal

Can't wait to have a coffee date with my son and friends here at Blugre Metro East!

My forever coffee date :)

Blugre Metro East is located at Unit 101 Club Manila East Arcade 2 Building, Don Hilario Cruz Avenue, Barangay San Jan, Taytay, Rizal.  You may also check Blugre's website at  Follow Blugre on Facebook, Instagram,and Twitter.  

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