When Start-Up Entrepreneurs Help Each Other

By Mommy Donna and Kib - June 09, 2017

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Ever since I go actively involved in several groups on Facebook, I've learned how to share experiences and knowledge to people that I don't even know at first.  These people eventually become my friends and I'm glad that through helping, I've grown my network and when I need their help, they're also there to support me :)

One of the groups that I love is the Hobbies to Business group.  It is led by Marge Aberasturi, a.k.a. The Happy WAHM.  She has been working from home for the past nine years, and all throughout her work from home career, she has grown her knowledge in networking and putting up small businesses.  Marge has also been invited to become a speaker in some events, sharing her experiences being a virtual assistance extraordinaire and her success on being an entrepreneur.  She also has been doing consultancy jobs, particularly in entrepreneurship and finance.  Her latest business venture is Crafted Crafts.  On Crafted Crafts' Facebook page, you can see the projects that she has done through crochet, from scarves, scoodies (scarf + hoodie), ponchos, and anything and everything crochet.  She is also selling yarns for crocheting and other projects that you can use it for.  

One of the workshops that she conducts is to teach people on how to turn people's hobbies into something profitable called 'Hobbies to Business'.  For the past two runs of this workshop, she has helped several aspiring entrepreneurs to shine in their respective crafts and continuously mentoring them in order to make their businesses grow.  Marge is indeed true to her promise on supporting small businesses and even patronizing them to her friends and followers.  

I've been following the people that Marge has mentored after attending her Hobbies to Business workshop, and I'm happy to see how they have bloomed on their respective fields.  Now that I also have own small business venture, I now know how it feels when someone supports your small business venture.  It's really heartwarming and it's also a humbling experience too :)

Now, I'm taking this opportunity on my blog to promote these people as I can really attest that they're really good at their respective crafts:

  • Jinstitches -- You can buy everything crocheted here!  The Facebook page showcases present and previous crochet projects made by Teacher Jean Castillo.  She has a tutorial center in Montalban, and on her free time she crochets.  If you have a crochet requirement, please do not hesitate to leave a message at her Facebook Page.

  • chachiepabalan.com --  Chachie Pabalan is marketing automation specialist and a virtual assistant.  She decided to leave the corporate world after attending Marge's Virtual Assistance workshop two years ago.  Her clients have lots of good words to say about her workmanship, so if you need someone to make your online business fly and soar, you can schedule for a free 15-minutes consultation with her.

  • Mrs. Gee's Homemade Goodness -- Nelle Gillesania can prepare cakes and desserts on your special occasion!  She may be based in Cavite, but she can arrange delivery on nearby areas as well.  Her cakes are moist, and they're prepared with love.  

  • Craft Works -- Genaline can supply all the tools, equipment, and embellishments you need for your crafting needs!  She is also into crocheting.  If there are things you need for your craft project and it's not currently on her album, you can request it from her!

  • Brownroots Creatives -- Celia is a businesswoman by heart.  She has engaged in several businesses in the past, like events management, trucking, among others.  She also had a short stint working in Qatar and that's where she learned a lot about life.  When she got back in the Philippines, she decided to put up Brownroots Creatives.  Brownroots Creatives is into selling personalized mugs and statement shirts and is also helping aspiring entrepreneurs to start on their own label.  Celia continues to grow as a businesswoman as she has recently opened her food park and co-working space in Mandaluyong City.

  • Jaz Arts and Crafts -- Jill recently left the corporate world and now going full-time on her arts and crafts business.  Primarily, she provides craft activities for children in parties but right now she is trying to go retail.  She is good at doing felt crafts and you can order souvenir items for your events from her. 

I highly recommend these people to supply your daily needs!  They're nice to talk with and they will also remain loyal to you.  They also served as my inspiration to also start my own business, Katsa Co.  My business, in partnership with a close friend of mine, is into selling and everything made of katsa (canvas cloth).

Never be afraid to start small!

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