How Do You Prepare Meals for Your Loved Ones? Marian Rivera-Dantes Tells Her Secret

By Mommy Donna and Kib - June 23, 2017

One of the responsibilities of a parent is to provide healthy meals for their children.  

I have written on my previous blog that I do not like cooking; my mom would teach me how to cook when I was younger but it didn't ignite my interest in cooking.  During college, my friends would be the one to check what's inside our refrigerator and cook for all of us.  I was only  'forced' to cook when my mom went in the United States for a vacation in 2002.  It was only me and my dad who were left in the house, and since my father is working in the office, I have no choice but to cook meals for the two of us.

When I got married, I stayed at my parent's house so my mom still cooks for us.  When my son's dad is in the country (he used to be an OFW), he is the one who cooks especially when there are dishes that I request him to cook for us.  I would just buy the ingredients and accompany him in the kitchen until the dish is done.  He won't even ask me to help in preparing the ingredients.

Now that it's only me and my son at home, I do not have a choice but to cook for the two of us.  To be honest, there are days that I'm too lazy to cook and just have ready-to-eat meals or would ask my son to buy viands at an eatery near our home.  Sometimes I would also call for food delivery.  One day, my son scolded me, "Magluto ka nga!" He said that because he just misses me preparing food for us.

My son is my number 1 fan.  He would always show his delight whenever he eats the meals I cook for the two of us and would give me the best remarks about it.  Now that he already knows how to cook too, he would sometimes help me in preparing the dishes and would even ask me if he could to stir the pot or wok while I'm cooking.  He regards to my dishes as something that is prepared with love.

Marian Rivera-Dantes, the sought-after brand ambassador in the Philippines, is now the latest face of AJI-GINISA Flavor Seasoning Mix.  Aside from being an actress, host, style icon, and philanthropist,  Marian Rivera-Dantes' favorite role is being a wife to Dingdong and a mom to Zia.  When she is not busy, she would find time to cook for her family.  She would even post on social media the dishes that she prepares for her family, like the food she prepares for Zia, stews, soups, vegetable dishes, among others.  When she is short on time, easy stir-fry dishes are the ones that she prepares for the family.  She really makes dishes for her family with love because she knows that a happy family has a happy tummy too :)

Marian's top stir-fry dishes are Chopsuey and Fried Rice made with AJI-GINISA Flavor Seasoning Mix, as seen in the seasoning's two new TV commercials which started airing last June 4, 2017.  In both versions, you can see Marian dancing and sining to the tune of her hit song, 'Sabay-sabay Tayo', while adding AJI-GINISA to each dish to make them more delicious and 'Garantisadong Ginisarap'.  

Adding AJI-GINISA is one way of adding love to the dishes you prepare for your family!

Tell me about the dishes you prepare for your family using AJI-GINISA Flavor Seasoning Mix, okay?!

Visit for meal ideas.  You can also visit AJI-GINISA and Cook Community by Ajinomoto PH Facebook pages for more dishes to try.

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