Gardenia Pocket Sandwich--Perfect Healthy Snack for Everyone!

By Mommy Donna and Kib - June 13, 2017

It's the start of another school year once again for most Filipino families, and one of the concerns of mommies is the food that their child will bring to school.  While some schools have their respective canteens, moms would still like to let their child bring their own food to school because they want to be sure that their child would only eat healthy food.  Some moms even do weekly baon plan for their children so that the children won't feel food fatigue, eating the same food over and over again.  Each morning, moms wake up early to prepare their children to school.  That's how moms show their love to their children.

One of the basic baon ideas is to let our child bring breads and sandwiches to school.  It's easy to prepare and moms are assured that it is a healthy food for our children.  One of the trusted brands for breads and sandwiches is Gardenia.  

Kib and I went to Gardenia factory in Laguna last year and we were amazed on how efficient Gardenia makes batches of fresh breads and pastries daily.  The production area is also highly sanitized as the people operating the machines are wearing the proper hygienic factory clothing.  After the production process, the area is cleaned so that insects won't infest the machines.  The main star of the production area is the giant carousel on which the freshly-baked Gardenia breads were cooled down before they were put into its packaging.  

Gardenia has launched a new product called Pocket Sandwich.  The Gardenia team has thought of making mommies' lives easier by preparing a ready-to-eat sandwiches for our children.  It is made of two slices of soft and luscious white bread with either peanut butter or chocolate spreading in between.  The edges of the sandwich are perfectly sealed, so there is no need to worry about the mess while our kids enjoy eating the Pocket Sandwich. Each pair of Pocket Sandwich is individually wrapped so moms can just put it inside their kids' lunchboxes and it's ready to go!

While the Pocket Sandwich is an ideal snack for our kids in school, adults can also enjoy it as well!  Pocket Sandwich is ideal for people who are always on the go and do not have much time preparing their own snacks or even think of what to bring as their baon to the office.   

Each Gardenia Pocket Sandwich is packed with iron, Vitamin B1, and Vitamin A.  

One Pocket Sandwich costs Php15.00 and is available in leading groceries and convenience stores nationwide.

Gardenia Pocket Sandwich can surely provide a pocketful of fun for mommies and kids!

For more information about Gardenia and its other products, you may visit Gardenia's Facebook page or visit

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