Tiny Buds Opens Its First Pop-Up Store in Glorietta 3

By Mommy Donna and Kib - May 25, 2017

As a parent, we want to only use the products that are safe for our baby and children.  We do not want to harm our child's skin nor put our child's overall being into danger.  As parents, we should practice reading the label and knowing the ingredients of a particular brand and educate ourselves about these ingredients if they are safe or not.

Even if I no longer have a baby, I still prefer using products that are safe for my son and myself.  Yes, I prefer using baby products on myself because I know that they only use ingredients that are mild and does not contain harsh chemicals.  

Now that organic products are on the rise, I'm excited to use them on my daily needs because I know that it won't hurt me and my son.  It's good thing that organic products nowadays are already becoming more and more budget-friendly compared before that only those who are affluent can buy them.

I've been hearing about Tiny Buds already and some of the mommies I know are using this product.  I've also been hearing good reviews about this product so I got excited when they invited me to the launch of their first-ever pop-up store at Glorietta 3 last Sunday, May 21st.

Tiny Buds is the only store at Pop Retail Lab which sells baby products.  You can immediately see them as you enter because of their eye-catching set-up

Tiny Buds is now becoming one of the premier local baby brands in the Philippines.  They are one of the pioneers of natural baby care in the Philippines, having the first one to introduce never before seen natural alternatives to everyday baby products such as baby powder made entirely from rice, diaper rash cream that soothes rashes using berries instead of petroleum, and laundry products for babies made out of coconut!  They have been in the industry for five years now and a lot of celebrities and online influencers are attesting to the quality of their products.  Tiny Buds is slowly blossoming, and the opening of their first-ever pop-up store was indeed an important milestone for them.

Tiny Buds' goal has always been to educate as many parents as possible to read the labels of the products available in the market, so that they will become aware of the hidden toxins and eventually choose the natural brands that they can trust.

Tiny Buds believes that now, more than ever, being a responsible parent means making choices that are nourishing not only for your child, but also for the world they will grow up in.  They are proud to say that more and more parents have switched into using natural products for their children.  

Now that Tiny Buds is growing, they have moved to a more challenging mission to further promote their cause.  Tiny Buds has started with their latest campaign, 'Save the World'.  Tiny Buds is donating a portion of their online sales to environmental conservation projects, particularly with WWF.  Every time a customer purchases an item at www.tinybudsbaby.com, there is a corresponding number of Tiny Buds points donated.  Each month, the points accumulated on the website represent how big the donation will be.  

Just like on their online sales, Tiny Buds will also donate a portion of their sales from their first-ever pop-up store at Pop Retail Lab in Glorietta 3 to WWF.  

Watch out for future activities of Tiny Buds for parents!

There are a lot of exciting things in store for us courtesy of Tiny Buds!  They will also be launching new products very soon!

In planting these seeds, Tiny Buds hopes to empower parents and remind them that every tiny step will impact the world and steer it towards a greener future.

Congratulations and more power to Tiny Buds!  I am excited for your growth!

Tiny Buds are available in Baby Company, Robinson's, Rustans, Landmark, SaveMore, Waltermart, and other leading department stores and groceries nationwide.  Their first pop-up store is located at Pop Retail Lab at the 2nd floor of Glorietta 3 (beside Mercury Drug).  You may learn more about Tiny Buds at www.tinybudsbaby.com and on their Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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