Back to School Shopping at National Bookstore

By Mommy Donna and Kib - May 23, 2017

Few more weeks and another school year will start again.  Parents are now busy enrolling their children and completing the materials they need for school.  

I remember when I was still studying, my family dedicates one weekend to buy all the materials my siblings and I need for school.  My parents involve us in school supplies shopping so we can personally choose the notebooks and pens we wanted to use for the whole school year.  We usually buy all our school supplies at National Bookstore because it has all the things we needed.

Now that I already have my own child, National Bookstore is also my choice for buying school supplies.  Sometimes, we do also make a stop at National Bookstore because Kib likes to read books there.  

Kib is such a bookworm!  Our National Bookstore trip won't be complete without stopping to the books section to read

With the changing needs of the Filipino families, National Bookstore has made school supplies shopping very easy, convenient, and budget-friendly!

Some of the items that you can buy for your children this coming school year at National Bookstore

National Bookstore has already compiled the basic school supplies a child needs in their Grab & Go Packs.  There's no need to buy each one by one, visiting one aisle to another, to save both time and energy.  

Aside from the Grab & Go Packs, National Bookstore has Low Price Deals and Budget Bundles.  You can buy items as low as Php20, Php50, and Php100 each.  Buy 12 notebooks for the price of P10 each is available as well.  

Apart from these exclusive Back-To-School deals, National Bookstore still has its Best Buy items.

If you opt to shop in stores, National Bookstore has something in-store for you too!  For every Php500 purchase, you can get a backpack for just Php100, and for every Php1,000 purchase, customer gets a free tote bag to carry all your purchases.

No time to go to their stores?  You can call their delivery hotline at 8888-627 or shop online at  When you call their delivery hotline, make sure you prepare a list of supplies you needed and they will have it shipped to you.  If you're not sure of what to buy, the National Bookstore customer service specialists can recommend supplies for every grade level so you can still pick what is best for your children.  At their website, it is easy to shop for school supplies as it has a dedicated page for back-to-school needs.  School supplies are also classified by grade level so parents can immediately see the recommended supplies for each student.  It's so simple to shop online!  Just choose the items you wish to purchase, check-out, and have them delivered at your doorstep.  

More good news!  If you purchase items worth Php1,000 and above thru the hotline or thru the website, shipping is free!  

The store's floor layout has also improved, making it easier to go around and shop for the items you need.  With bigger labels for customers to see, customers can easily locate the items they need and all items are arranged strategically so that customers won't have a hard time looking for one item to another to make most of the shopping experience.

You can easily spot the items you need with these big signs inside the store

Aside from school supplies, National Bookstore is also now selling lunch boxes, mosquito patches, personal care products, even emergency, survival, and first aid kits.  Some National Bookstore branches carry world-renowned brands as well.  This is for those who also put value on style on their everyday needs.

Brands such as Caran d'Ache School Line and Blackwing Pencils are a must-have of those who are inclination towards arts.  Online, a German brand, is for those who want to have a pen that will make them a standout in class.  For fashionistas, Kate Spade is a must-have brand to complement their everyday style.

No need to go last-minute shopping!  Head on to the nearest National Bookstore branch near you and get the best value for your money!

Kib shopping for the school supplies he needs for the coming school year

At the cashier paying for the items we bought

For only Php25, you can donate one notebook and two pencils to those children who cannot afford to buy school supplies

To get the latest updates, you may follow National Bookstore on social media (Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube).  You may also visit National Bookstore's blog,

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