Create New Dishes Using Ajinomoto Sarsaya Oyster Sauce

By Mommy Donna and Kib - March 07, 2017

I have written in the past about me and my son's kitchen adventures (see post here).  While I have been trying to cook new dishes every now and then, I am still a bit insecure about my cooking skills.  I would admit that my son is a better cook than I, haha.  I can rely on him on preparing simple dishes for us during the times that I'm too consumed with my work or feeling emotional with something or just simply whenever I feel lazy, lol.

Last February 23, 2017, Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation organized a press conference to announce the launch of its newest product, Sarsaya Oyster Sauce.  Coco Martin is the brand ambassador of this latest product.  Ajinomoto is known for manufacturing food seasonings to make our dishes palatable and appetizing.

Primetime King Coco Martin poses beside his print ad for Sarsaya Oyster Sauce

What makes Sarsaya Oyster Sauce different from the other oyster sauce brands is that it is made from real oysters, complete with seasonings to provide a delicious blend of savory, sweet, and salty taste to any dish.

Pen Alvina, Ajinomoto's Category Manager for Menu Seasonings, said that Sarsaya Oyster Sauce is a unique brand of oyster sauce that is created to suit Filipino taste and preference, making many Filipino dishes like ginisang kangkong and adobo more flavorful and delicious.

A live cooking demonstration and a cook-off were done during the press conference to showcase different dishes with Sarsaya Oyster Sauce.  Chef Mcrhyan Rodrigo cooked several dishes like Ginisarsayang Kangkong with Tokwa and Thai-style Stir Fried Chicken.  Two bloggers were also invited in front to participate in the cook-off.  It was a kilig moment for these two bloggers to cook while Coco Martin is watching and having him to taste their dishes.

Chef Mcrhyan Rodrigo cooks using Sarsaya Oyster Sauce

Bloggers Macy Santos and Tina Perez were invited for a cook-off using Sarsaya Oyster Sauce

It's now time for Coco Martin to give his verdict on these two dishes

Primetime King Coco Martin was chosen to be the endorser of Sarsaya Oyster Sauce because he is a big fan of his grandmother's cooking.  Aside from that, he also earned a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management.  He said that Sarsaya Oyster Sauce is unique because you can really taste the oyster ('lasang oyster na oyster!').  Truly, Sarsaya Oyster Sauce can enhance the taste of the simple dishes that we cook at home!

Coco Martin answers questions from the press

Coco and bloggers for a photo op

Two mommy bloggers with their babies posing with Coco Martin

You can try these recipes using Sarsaya Oyster Sauce:

Sarsaya Oyster Sauce is available in both 30g and 156g pouches.  

Create new dishes now using Sarsaya Oyster Sauce!

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