My Birthing Story

By Mommy Donna and Kib - February 07, 2017

It has already been a decade since became a mom.  I thank God for giving me this opportunity to be a mom.  Until now, I still look back at the pictures that I had during the delivery day.  I am proud to tell my birthing story because giving a birth to a wonderful boy is truly an amazing gift from God.

As expected, the first trimester of my pregnancy was a bit difficult.  I didn't have morning sickness, but I always feel sluggish.  I don't know what food to eat; this time, I want a particular food, but on the next meal, I don't want it anymore.  There are certain smells that I don't like as well.  

When I passed my first trimester, my pregnancy was a happy one.  I feel proud of showing my baby bump to my friends.  I like going to places, doing shopping, just basically doing the usual things that I still do when I'm not yet pregnant.  I was also diligent on not missing my doctor appointments as well.

On my last trimester, the whole family was already excited for the birth of my son.  He is the first grandchild and nephew.  My mom would always prepare healthy meals because she doesn't want her apo to have problems when he goes out of the world.  I would also move a lot because I don't want to give birth via Cesarean section.  

Me on my 8th month of pregnancy

When I was on my 36th week, I went to my doctor for my regular check-up.  It was discovered that I'm already in active labor!  My cervix was already 4 centimeters dilated.  My doctor got worried and she already asked me to go to the hospital for close monitoring.  I said I don't have enough funds so she allowed me to stay at home and have a bed rest and take the medication she prescribed to me.  

After I got home, I told my mom that my doctor has already ordered me to go on a bed rest because I'm already having an active labor.  I didn't go downstairs anymore to eat meals; my mom would bring me food on the bed.  However, I still go to the bathroom when I need to.

After two days of bed rest, I noticed that there was a mucus on my underwear.  I told my doctor about it and she said that I really have to go to the hospital already.  My father went on a half-day leave so she can drive me to the hospital.

At the hospital, I was instructed to go directly to the delivery room.  I was confined overnight at MICU because I'm still on active labor.  I was transferred to a regular bed after that and I stayed one more night. 

Saturday, July 15th, my doctor was ready to send me home because I was only confined for close monitoring and medication.  Unfortunately, the labor progressed to 8 centimeters.  Immediately, the doctor and my parents did the necessary things to prepare for my delivery.  My parents settled the bill first and the doctor gave instructions that I have to be re-admitted (this was done so I will get two Philhealth deductions).

My water bag didn't break, but I saw some water droplets from the hospital bed as I got wheeled going to the delivery room.  All throughout my active labor, I NEVER experienced any labor pains, lucky me, hihihi.

In the delivery room, while the delivery team was preparing, I called one nurse and asked if photos can be taken during delivery.  She said yes, so I asked her to get the camera from my mom.

I was still able to smile on the camera while the whole delivery team was preparing 

I opted for an epidural anaesthesia because I wanted to be fully awake so I can see my son immediately right after he goes out of my womb.  The doctor manually popped my water bag.  After the water bag broke, that was the start of my labor pains.  It's just like having your monthly period, but more intense.  Even if I already started experiencing labor pains, I still took it lightly. "Ayan, sumasakit na tyan ko..." that's what I said inside the delivery room.  
I started to cry when the epidural anaesthesia was being administered.  I have to be in a fetal position so that the doctor can feel the part of my spine where the anaesthesia will flow.  My big tummy was pressed hard, ang sakit!

Yes, I was crying there
Anaesthesia started to take effect from my toes up to my waist.  I cannot feel anything anymore.  To help me in pushing the baby out, there were some aides who were also pushing my tummy, hehe.  They also stroked my tummy so that it will contract.  

When Kib finally went out, I didn't know what happened next.  The anaesthesiologist administered another kind of anaesthesia to make me feel groggy.  But I remembered that I was still talking and asking questions ("Doc, ano APGAR score? Doc, gandahan mo tahi ha?!").

Kib's first picture

The doctor was about to cut the umbilical cord

Kib's first cry

Doctor checking Kib's vital signs

Our first picture together

I was wheeled in the recovery room and that's where I regained consciousness.  

When I was brought to the room at around 6:30p.m., I immediately ate papaya and grapes because I wanted to pass gas.  Around 10p.m. I had this urge to urinate.  I suddenly cannot pee on the bed pan.  I asked my tita if she can bring me to the restroom.  I had difficulty walking!  I was only on a total bedrest for almost three days and I can no longer walk after that.  

Kib stayed in the nursery while we were in the hospital (please do not judge me, I didn't know the rooming-in policy plus I was also tired from delivery).  The first time I held him was priceless.  We had our first photo together inside the delivery room but I was unconscious then and he was held by a nurse.  I tried breastfeeding him so that he would learn how to latch.

My first time to hold Kib

I stayed in the hospital for four days.

I thank God for giving me an opportunity to become a mom to this wonderful son.  My birth story may not be very unique, but I am happy to share it with the rest of the world.  I may not be a perfect mom to my son, but God knows that I'm doing my very best to fulfill all of his needs.

Happy 10th year of motherhood to me!

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