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By Mommy Donna and Kib - January 12, 2017

Hobbies can make our idle time productive.  It also makes us entertained and gives us channel for creativity.  Hobbies can also be our stress-reliever especially when times are getting tough.  Hobbies can also give us a reason to save money because we want to develop and grow our hobbies.

Most importantly, we can turn our hobbies to business!  How?

Attend the second run of Hobbies to Business this January 21st!

I handled the first run of this workshop last year (please see post here) and we're so happy to inspire people to pursue their dreams of becoming an entrepreneur.  I also listened to Marge's talk and voila!  Katsa Co. was born!  

I always tell myself that I don't have entrepreneurial skills, but I thank the people around me who believed that I can be an entrepreneur in my own little way.  There's no need to start big; start dreaming and make that dream into a reality.  Take a risk (even if it is a small one) and from that risk you invested on, be inspired to work hard so that the risk you made will be worthwhile.   

Hobbies to Business Second Run is much better!  

Morning session will cover how to turn your hobbies into business by discussing business model and registration procedure.  In the afternoon, it will tackle personal branding and going online.  Personal branding is very important because this will serve as your foundation in making your hobby into a business.  Your personality, preferences, and limitations will be taken into consideration when you do your personal branding.  Also, now that we are living in the digital age, going online is the best way to easily make your products known.

I am already excited for the second run of this workshop!  I do hope that I'll see you there!

For registration and fees, you may visit http://hobbiestobusiness.com/

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