How Do You Keep Your Child Healthy?

By Mommy Donna and Kib - September 23, 2016

It is very important to take care of our child's health.  I thank God for keeping me and my son healthy always.  So far, my son has never been hospitalized.  I always tell my friends that the Lord knows I don't have money to spend for hospital expenses that is why He is keeping us healthy, hehe.  I am also glad that Kib isn't a picky eater and he eats vegetables--all kinds of vergatables.  He also likes spicy dishes, ahihihi.  

Kib likes cooking these days.  However, sometimes he would just cook instant food because that's the easiest to prepare.  I get worried that Kib isn't getting the required daily nutritional intake because of his habit of eating instant food.

I'm glad that someone has introduced Nutri-10 Plus to me.

Nutri-10 Plus is a food supplement recommended for children ages 1-12 years old.  It helps promote overall immunity, maximize physical growth, and enhance brain development.  Nutri-10 Plus comes in ponkan flavor which my son really loves (he compared the taste with another food supplement which I won't mention anymore, haha).  Here are the amino acids and minerals that you can get from Nutri-10:

To make this review a fun one, I let my son Kib to do the review since he is the one who will take it.  I documented his review on Instagram.  Check out my posts there:

Kib enjoyed taking Nutri-10 Plus.  Whenever I tell him to take it, he does it willingly.  I don't need to be mad at him just to take his vitamins.  I've observed that my son is more active, energetic, and creative! Check out this video for his one month observation after taking Nutri-10 Plus: 

I would recommend Nutri-10 Plus to all my mommy-friends.  Money-wise, it is also more affordable and your kids will surely love the ponkan taste of it.  You will never have a battle with your kid on taking his vitamins for his daily-needed dose of nutrition.

To know more about Nutri-10 Plus, you may visit their Facebook page at

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