Hobbies to Business: An Event I'm Proud Of

By Mommy Donna and Kib - September 12, 2016

This is my second time to help out Marge Aberasturi (also known as The Happy WAHM) on her workshop.  The first time was held November last year and her talk is about becoming a virtual assistant (VA).  She said that it'll be her last to talk about virtual assistance because she is gearing into talking about entrepreneurship.

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As early this year, I've been asking her for her next talk.  She said she is still busy with her family and work.  I just again asked her about her workshop by June.  I asked if she would like to have her next talk at The Parenting Emporium.  She said yes, so I immediately coordinated with The Parenting Emporium for available dates.  The date given to me was August 27th, which is barely a month after it was given to me.  Marge was a bit hesitant to push thru because she said that the preparation time is short.  I assured her that a month is enough to do promotion and invite possible sponsors to the event.

So, she immediately made a website for the event, http://hobbiestobusiness.com.  Originally, the event title was "Passion to Profit", but there's already a website with the same name.  While the event website is on the works, we were already promoting the event on Facebook.  We've already started contacting possible sponsors to this event too.  

As the event day comes near, inquiries about the event started to come up.  The Hobbies to Business website was updated every now and then to make it appealing to the interested parties.  Sponsors also confirmed their commitment to support the event.  

Twelve participants attended the talk.  It was very intimate, the participants were relaxed. The venue was styled by one of the sponsors, Crafquitec.  We had a shabby chic theme, a table was set-up to display all the goodies from sponsors, the tables and chairs for the participants were also cozy to sit on.  

Participants were sitting cozy during the talk and they're all eyes and ears to Marge

Participants were all eyes and ears during Marge's talk and they were really taking down notes about the topic.  They all went home with a lot of takeaways from the event, planning their game plan for their own businesses.  Hopefully, sooner than soon, these people will eventually promoting their own businesses online and I'm excited to see them thrive and fly.

I was also encouraged to put my own business after the talk.  I'm praying to God to give me the best opportunity for me to be able to share my talents and knowledge to others as well.

I felt so accomplished after this talk, weee!  I've met new people and encouraged them to really push thru with their dreams to become an entrepreneur.

I would like to thank those people who helped in making this event successful:

Yummy salted egg potato chips by Bites of Love and felt flower ref magnets by Jaz Arts and Crafts

Delicious Spanish bread by Mamachows and mango-melon-carrot juice by Bites of Love

The table runner giveaway by Crochet by Mrs C. given to the early bird!

To all those who will read this blog, I would do encourage everyone to check out their products and inquire from them!  Let's support these entrepreneurs especially that the holiday season is coming near :)

Yes, you read it right, there will be a rerun of this talk very soon!  Watch out for it!

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