PLDT Smart Watch: The Latest Gadget for Kids

By Mommy Donna and Kib - August 22, 2016

Kids these days are entitled.  I must admit Kib has lots of everything--clothes, toys, shoes, books, and even gadgets.  While Kib has lots of stuff, he is also generous in sharing them to his friends, relatives, and even to the less fortunate.

Last August 14th, we were invited to launch of PLDT's latest roster of gadgets available to their subscribers, the Smart Watch.  

The Smart Watch from PLDT Home is today's coolest gadgets for kids, and parents love it too.  It can be used for taking photos, playing music, and even recording sounds, music, or funny messages.  Kids can also get notifications from games or apps like Facebook, and calls and text messages thru the watch when it is paired with the PLDT Home Telpad or a smart phone so Mommy or Daddy can easily send messages and friendly reminders if needed.

Bae-by Baste of Eat Bulaga is the brand ambassador of PLDT Smart Watch.

Bae-by Baste proudly showing his Smart Watch

Bae-by Baste's family is also into Smart Watch craze.  They use it as a wi-fi remote for the Telpad or smart phone cameras so it's easier to take selfies or fun family groupfies together.  His parents, Sol and Sheila, also like the anti-lost feature because it lets them know if the connected Telpad or smart phone is up too far away.  This feature is good for kids who sometimes carelessly misplaces things.  To use the anti-lost feature, one must click a button on the watch so that the connected Telpad or smart phone will make a sound to help locate it when it is misplaced.  

Baste with Mommy Shiela having a wonderful moment using PLDT Telpad

Baste and his younger brother both enjoying their respective Smart Watches

We won a Smart Watch during the event and Kib loves it so much!  He even mastered the functionality of the smart watch ahead of me, hahaha.  It also gave him a reason to be more active (I always tell him that he's already fat and he needs to exercise more).

Yay! We won a Smart Watch!

PLDT Home has lots of subscription bundles to choose from, including the Smart Watch plan!  PLDT Home subscribers who upgrade to a Telpad plan automatically get a 1Mbps Home DSL speed boost, and for only an additional Php199 per month, they can already top it up with a Smart Watch. Fret not, existing Telpad subscribers can also avail of the Smart Watch plan!  Simply order online and it will be delivered at your doorstep at no cost!  For more information, you may visit

Baste having some 'me time' playing with PLDT Telpad

Kib also had his playing moments using PLDT Telpad

To stay connected with our kids, let them wear Smart Watch!

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