Homeschool Global: Bringing Homeschooling Beyond Your Borders

By Mommy Donna and Kib - August 08, 2016

I like writing about homeschooling because this is one of the advocacies that I support and believe in.  I like what homeschooling does to me and to my son.  Yes, I still receive a lot of criticisms about our lifestyle, I just bear in mind that I cannot please everybody.  I do what I believe will benefit my son the most and I'm happy to reap rewards from it.

Homeschooling still raises controversy around the world.  Some countries ban homeschooling, and if a family is caught homeschooling, the parents might face charges by the government.  Like the case of the Romeike family, a German family who sought asylum in the United States because it is illegal in Germany to homeschool.  They faced deportation but with the grace of God, they were allowed to stay in the United States indefinitely so that they can continue homeschooling.  You may read the story about it here

In the Philippines, we are blessed to have homeschooling as an option to educate our children.  Presently, there are 15 million school-aged children in the country, and only about 700,000 licensed teachers are there to teach these children in both private and public schools.   You can see the burden of the school teachers in providing quality education to our children.  Our country lacks teachers to reach out to all students all over the country.

Good thing, the Philippine Constitution upholds the right of parents to teach their respective kids (Article XIV, Section 1).  This provision from the Constitution resulted in Department of Education (DepEd) to create a "Home Education Program" (Memorandum No. 216, Series of 2007) to encourage and protect over 12,000 homeschoolers in the country.  Out of 12,000 homeschoolers, approximately 7,000 of them are affiliated with different homeschool providers who comply with DepEd standards and requirements; the rest are unregulated, or what we call 'independent homeschoolers'.

For so many years, homeschooling was thought of only for children whose parents are licensed teachers because they are more knowledgeable or equipped enough to teach their children.  Thank God for the Internet and other available resources available today, parents who are not Education majors can already teach their own children without thinking much of their qualifications to be a home teacher.  As mentioned by Debra Bell on one of her books (The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling), "Our pioneer days are over."

Presently, we can hear a lot of stories from homeschooling families on how homeschooling helped their families in improving their way of living.  Edric Mendoza, President of Homeschool Global (formerly TMA Homeschool) said that, "Being able to homeschool is a privilege that not many can avail of, but for those that can, it is literally life-changing." 

Homeschool Global is one of the homeschool providers in the Philippines.  It is a Christian organization focused on providing comprehensive homeschool services.  Homeschool Global has already been in the business for 17 years and it serves over a thousand students in 21 different countries, from preschool to Grade 10.  They also offer US and Philippine accreditation assistance.  Presently, Homeschool Global is now expanding to establish hubs all over the globe.  

Homeschool Global's logo.  Homeschool Global is big on bringing the learning experience to the max.  The stylized round emblem alludes to the home: books on all sides--windows and doors of opportunities for learning, roof of protection against the dangers of "not knowing".  Its round shape punctuates globalness--literally, as the students are now global; figuratively, it means families can homeschool anytime, anywhere. "The works is truly our classroom."

Edric Mendoza, President of Homeschool Global

Gerry Argosino, Managing Director of Homeschool Global

Homeschool Global's Core Values are based on the following:

  • Passionate -- actively commited to the cause; energetic
  • Unconventional -- creative, out-of-the-box, resourceful, imaginative
  • Nurturing -- proactive, sincere, "walking alongside"
  • Competent -- able to get things done excellently, always looking for better ways of doing things
  • Christ-centered -- the standard for what we do and how we do things

Its Core Programs are divided into three: Learn, Connect, Shine.

  • Learn Program -- equips you to homeschool well.  LEARN is the academic program of Homeschool Global.  A Homeschool Advisor walks alongside each family helping them to homeschool well.  The Advisor also recommends homeschool curriculum most suited for a child's learning style.  Is your child more visual, kinesthetic, verbal, or aural?
  • Connect Program -- helps get families into small groups called Learn Groups.  Through Learn Groups, homeschoolers can exchange ideas and best practices, encourage each other, and even allow friendships to be formed among the children.
  • Shine Program -- mounts big events that bring the whole Homeschool Global community together, allowing showcase of talents and skills, service or good works, and bonding moments between families.  Some of these events are the Purity Ball, Graduation, Parents Conference, Yaman ng Lahi, and Family Christmas Get-Together.  These big events foster a strong sense of community, the "we're in this together" in this exciting journey called homeschooling.  Also, children get to hone their God-given talents and sense of purpose

Homeschooling is an education where parents create an ideal climate for their children to achieve success.  This climate consists of a conducive home, intentional parents, a customized curriculum, a comprehensive support system, and clear goals towards true success.  At Homeschool Global, they can show how this climate can best be achieved.

Are you ready to homeschool?  Homeschool Global can assist you in your homeschooling needs!

Homeschool Global's main office can be found at Upper Ground Floor, Fun Ranch, Frontera Verde, Brgy. Ugong, Pasig City.  You may also call them at +632 234 0432 for more inquiries.  You may also visit their website at for further details.

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