Ipanema with Starck: Newest Line of Products of Ipanema

By Mommy Donna and Kib - April 05, 2016

I like wearing sandals and flipflops.  I like my feet to be exposed in air rather than wearing closed shoes.  I have a pair of flipflops in my car.  I change my footwear when my feet gets tired from wearing closed and heeled shoes.  I don't care if my toenails don't look good; I just wanted to feel comfortable.

Ipanema is one of my favorite shoe brands.  Currently, I have four pairs of Ipanema flipflops and I have them with me for several years now.  They're really sturdy and timeless.

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I am so glad that I was invited to the launch of their newest line, Ipanema with STARCK.

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Philippe Starck posing with the sandals he designed exclusively for Ipanema

Brazilian shoe brand Ipanema has teamed up with world-renowned creator Philippe Starck for Ipanema with STARCK, a new collection that reimagines footwear.  Starck lends his talent for minimal and organic design to re-envision a collection of modern, elegant sandals accessible to purveyors of stylish and smart innovation worldwide.

Mr. Francisco Elizalde (President of ELRO Retail Corporation, the exclusive distributor of Ipanema in the Philippines) posing together with the models for the press during the Ipanema with STARCK launch

The Ipanema with STARCK collection will feature a collection of flats, flipflops, and sandals in four distinct designs, offered in a myriad of colors.    These dynamic sandals are inspired by various possible lifestyles and moods to recognize all dimensions of the modern woman, such as arty, glamour, nature, and sophisticated chic.

Nature Collection

Glamour Collection

Chic Collection

Arty Collection

The Ipanema with STARCK collection offers wearers the freedom of choice.  Ultimately each woman can make her own selection from the variety of strap designs and colors that best represents her own unique style statement.  The collections palette is a blend of neutral and citrus tones including white, black, smoke, acid yellow, orange, rose, transparent yellow, and transparent orange.  The simple and sleek silhouettes are infused with an imaginative quality illustrating each of the four sensibilities.  Organic elegance, purity, lightness and honouring the silhouette of the human form are quintessential to the design of the collection.

Kib posing with the models during the media launch

One more thing about Ipanema with STARCK collection, it is made of 30% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable.  

To achieve Starck's designs, Ipanema adapted its industrial process to one that is more manual and artisanal.  The production process employs proprietary plastique injection technique to guarantee product comfort and delicate quality.  The shoes handcrafted assembly of the straps to the sole allows a perfect fit for one women.  The Ipanema with STARCK collection is the perfect balance between industrial production and artisanal savoir-faire.

Look at the sole of Ipanema with STARCK collection, it bears the signature cross logo of Philippe Starck

My favorite pair of sandals from Ipanema with STARCK collection is the all-black strappy sandals from the Chic Collection.  Kib helped me in choosing this pair.  Indeed, my son knows fashion, ahihihi.  

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What I also like about the Ipanema with STARCK collection is that the simplicity of the design makes it elegant and classy on the feet.  Just like what I said to my friends after they have seen the photos of the new collection, "Ang lakas makasosyal ng sandals na ito," haha.

I just can't wait to wear my new Ipanema with STARCK sandals outdoors!

For more updates about Ipanema's newest collection, you may visit their Facebook account, Ipanema Philippines.  Ipanema with STARCK is now available in leading shoe stores nationwide.

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