Easter Barnyard Party at B Hotel Quezon City

By Mommy Donna and Kib - April 04, 2016

Easter is one of the events that I really look forward to.  This is the celebration of Christ's resurrection and victory over evil.  Apart from going to church to celebrate Christ's resurrrection, one of the most common activity during Easter is to look for Easter eggs and to decorate them.  

Kib had already an experience attending an Easter event two years ago together with my other mommy blogger friends at Greenbelt.  You may check my blog about that event here.  Kib had fun going around Greenbelt Mall together with his friends and collecting items from each stop.  

Last year we weren't able to have an Easter activity because we were at the province during that time.  We had a grand family reunion.

This year, we were blessed to be invited by B Hotel in Quezon City on their first-ever Easter activity.  This is also our first time to attend a kiddie event organized by a hotel.

B Hotel in Quezon City has been operating for less than a year. It can be easily located at Scout Rallos in South Triangle because the huge logo of the top of the building.  The parking is free; however, it's very steep and narrow.  I have to drive carefully going down the ramp or else I will hit the wall going down to the basement parking area.

The theme of the Easter party is barnyard.  There were lots of activities for the kids to make them busy while waiting for the others.  There's face painting, glitter tattoo, clay activity, painting activity by Gymboree, and a petting zoo.  Kib had a wonderful time doing all of these activities.

During the program, Kib also actively participated.  He won prizes in the Bring Me activity and Instagram photo posting activity.  Of course, the party won't be complete without the Easter egg hunting activity.

There was also a magic show and a game for daddies.  Even if magic shows are just tricks, they still never fail to amaze me.  The game for daddies is Chubby Bunny.  Each daddy will put a marshmallow on his mouth and say "Chubby Bunny".  The most number of marshmallows on his mouth will win the game.

There was a short program too about the pets that can be seen in the petting area.  The person said some trivia about the pets and they also gave some pets to the lucky kids, wow!  Kib brought home two chicks, he named it Red and Chico.

Here are some of the photos that we had during the event:

Off to B Hotel Quezon City's Easter Barnyard Party!

Kib with Jacob (Mommy Roxi Santiago's son)

The stage display, it's so nice!

The welcome standee in the lobby of the ballroom where the Easter Barnyard party was held

Kib fell in love with a chick!

Kib's face painting.  I so love the design!

Kib painting an Easter egg at Gymboree's booth

Kib' glitter tattoo

Kib suddenly missed his pet bunny when he saw this cute bunny

Magic show during the program

Kib looking for Easter eggs

Another picture of Kib looking for Easter eggs

A pet show during the program.  Kids can't contain their happiness learning about the pets

From what I heard from my other mommy blogger friends, B Hotel rates are friendly and the rooms are nice.  I think I will book a staycation one of these days at B Hotel.

What about you, how did you spend your Easter together with your family?

To know more about B Hotel, you may visit their website at http://thebellevue.com/b-hotel-qc/

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